$100K Gift to Support Cyber Security Education at UH Manoa

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L-R Martha E. Crosby, Chair and Professor, Dept of Computer and Information Sciences; James Sarset, ICS alumnus; William Ditto, Dean, College of Natural Sciences.

HONOLULU – UH Mānoa alumnus James L. Sarset is channeling his philanthropy to help make the world safer. With his $100,000 gift, he has established the James Sarset Endowed Fund for Information and Computer Science at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa College of Natural Sciences Department of Information and Computer Sciences (ICS). This fund will support the department’s work in the area of Cyber Security and can also be used for other departmental priorities.

The James Sarset Endowed Fund allows the ICS department to contribute significantly to the advancement of Cyber Security knowledge and practice and serve as a learning laboratory and test bed for investigations and applications related to the generation, organization, access, preservation, and secure use of digital information,” said Department of Information and Computer Sciences chair Martha Crosby. She continued, “Students in the Cyber Security program will examine the characteristics of practical applications, such as video/audio, existing data sharing techniques over wired, wireless, broadband, and optical connections as well as studying topics such as cryptography and network security.”


Graduates with a Cyber Security background contribute to dampening the damage of malicious attacks and the fast spread of viruses, detecting and preventing intrusion using data mining, continuous authentication, secure coding and other state-of-the-art techniques.

“Providing a Cyber Security program helps to meet the federal government’s goal of proactively increasing our understanding of robust Cyber Security technology, policy, and practices that will enable our Nation to effectively prevent and respond to a catastrophic cyber event.” Martha Crosby concluded.

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, James Sarset attended the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Technology before earning his degree in Chemistry from the University of Minnesota in 1970. He enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, where he received technical training in computers and began serving as a computer operator. While stationed in Hawai‘i, he enrolled at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa to pursue an advanced degree in computer science, graduating with a Master’s degree in Information and Computer Science in 1974.

“The knowledge I gained from my classes at the Information and Computer Science department at the University of Hawai’i proved invaluable in my career as a computer programmer and database administrator,” said Jim Sarset. “This endowment is my way of showing my appreciation.”

After completing his military service, he returned to Minnesota to begin his career in the IT industry. He started out as an application programmer, and after gaining experience, took on positions as database analyst, and senior database administrator. Over the years, he has worked in data processing in a number of industries, including county government, retail, insurance, transportation, finance, and manufacturing.

“The College is extraordinarily proud to have distinguished alumni such as James Sarset,” said William L. Ditto, dean of the College of Natural Sciences. He continued, “It is a testament to Mr. Sarset’s drive, creativity and resilience that he has had such a successful career.  James Sarset’s gift could not come at a more important time in terms of inspiring the next generation of University of Hawai’i students to emulate his example and go out and change the world.”

To learn more about supporting the Information and Computer Science department please contact Leslie Lewis at (808) 956-97024 or Leslie.Lewis@uhfoundation.org

You can also make a gift online at www.uhfoundation.org/givetonaturalsciences

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