Republicans Show Leadership Ability in Debates

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David Chang

BY DAVID CHANG – After a marathon viewing of all three debates last night – the Presidential, Senatorial, and Congressional Debates – it is clear that the Republican ticket for the upcoming election in the state of Hawaii is the epitome of measured and effective leadership.

Governor Romney, Governor Lingle and former Congressman Djou all gave outstanding performances. Each candidate exemplified true leadership. With succinct answers, deliberate delivery and clear policies and plans to keep America strong, Governor Romney, Governor Lingle, and Congressmen Djou are proven leaders with the will to help re-build America.


With early and absentee voting already underway. it is imperative that we send sound and capable leaders to Washington DC. Governor Romney, Governor Lingle and Congressman Djou will bring the type leadership Hawaii and America need.


David Chang is the chairman of the Hawaii Republican Party