1st Annual FilmFreude Honolulu Film Festival–A Celebration of German Cinema–March 1-3, 2024 

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German cinema takes center stage as FilmFreude Honolulu German Film Festival (FFHGFF) proudly announces its inaugural edition, set to captivate audiences from March 1 to 3, 2024. In collaboration with the Honolulu Museum of Art the festival showcases the most exciting new German Films at HOMA’s Doris Duke Theatre, (900 S. Beretania St.)

FilmFreude Honolulu aims to celebrate and honor new and emerging talents while fostering a dynamic cultural exchange through the captivating medium of German cinema. This year’s festival is generously sponsored by BMW Honolulu, Malao Films, the German Honorary Consul in Honolulu and the German Consulate General in San Francisco.

The Festival Experience: The magic of German cinema sends the audience into another world, where different thoughts and dreams are forming multifaceted concepts of life from the opposite side of the globe. Visionary directors and rising stars are in this well curated lineup spans feature films and art documentaries.

All films will be presented in their original German language with English subtitles, ensuring accessibility to a broad audience eager to explore the unique narratives and visual masterpieces crafted by these filmmakers.

‘Weekend Rebels’ by Marc Rothemund (Opening Film)

10-year-old autistic Jason, known for his non-negotiable routines, faces the challenge of choosing a soccer club with his dad Mirco in exchange for adapting at school. Their soccer adventures become a unique bond, helping Mirco understand his special son and embrace unexpected lessons about love.


Directed by multiple major award winner Marc Rothemund (Sophie Scholl – The Final Days). Florian David Fitz won Bavarian Film Award for Best Actor. A Picture Tree International Release.

Festival Highlights:

Dates: March 1-3, 2024
Venue: Doris Duke Theatre, Honolulu Museum of Art
Featured Films: ‘Weekend Rebels’ by Marc Rothemund (Opening Film), ‘A Thousand Lines’ by Michael Herbig, ‘Afire’ by Christian Petzold and ‘Anselm’ by Wim Wenders
Sponsors: BMW Honolulu, Malao, The Curb Kaimuki, Honolulu Museum of Art, Il Gelato, eC3 Hawaii, Honorary Consul of Germany in Honolulu and other valued partners
Online Presence: Explore the full festival schedule, purchase tickets, and secure all-access passes at www.filmfreude.com

Tickets: Admission Opening Film (Fri): $20 (With Il Gelato Scoop), Admission Per Film (Sat./Sun): $15, Festival Pass: $80 (All Films + Festival Shirt)
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About FilmFreude Honolulu: FilmFreude Honolulu is a vibrant German Film Festival making its debut in Honolulu in 2024. As a platform for cinematic exploration, the festival invites audiences to embark on a journey through the latest achievements in German cinema. From thought-provoking documentaries to visually stunning feature films, FilmFreude Honolulu offers a captivating snapshot of German-speaking cultures. The festival is honored to include contributions from Austria and Switzerland, further enriching the narrative tapestry.

FilmFreude Honolulu welcomes all cinema enthusiasts to partake in this unique festival, celebrating the beauty of German culture through the powerful lens of storytelling.

‘A Thousand Lines’ by Michael Herbig, ‘Afire’ by Christian Petzold and ‘Anselm’ by Wim Wenders

Inspired by true events. A gripping and entertaining David vs. Goliath story in our times of fake news and alternative facts. Freelance journalist Juan Romero challenges the acclaimed reporter Lars Bogenius’ cover story, uncovering inconsistencies. Despite facing opposition from the Chronik news magazine’s board, Romero persists in his pursuit of the truth, risking his career, reputation, and family in the process.

Directed by Michael Herbig. Cast Elyas M’Barek (Juan Romero) and Jonas Nay (Lars Bogenius). A Beta Cinema Release.




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