2012 Kailua-Kona Mango Festival on the Big Island

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BY Claire K. Bajo RS – Everyone had a great time at this year’s Mango Festival! Randyl Rupar, promoter of this awesome event, along with his non-profit organization Mana Ke’a Gardens, chose a glorious weekend to have a “Meeting of the Mangoes” – and then some!

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I was asked to be the Mistress of Ceremonies three days before the event, and I was amazed at how many people it took to put this two-day event together…it took a community of volunteers, and thousands of fans who love Hawaii and this cherished tropical fruit!

Mango Day Officially Recognized

On the Royal Gardens at the Outrigger Keauhou Beach Hotel, the Mayor’s Proclamation was given to Randyl on Saturday – the Proclamation recognized July 28 and 29th as Official Mango Day on the Big Island, in honor of the weekend-long event.


Bobby Command presented the Proclamation for Mayor Kenoi, and it was such an honor to be a part of this proud moment for Randyl, as he has been putting on these tropical fruit events for the last 4 years.

A Big Mahalo

I wanted to first of all thank this multi-talented individual – Aunty Maka Gallinger!  Aunty Maka was due to give birth any day, and here she is helping set up the sound system at the main stage on Saturday, while she manned her own food booth.


Thank you Aunty Maka for volunteering your amazing musical talents, technical smarts, and willingness to help with a baby on board! Mahalo!

Festival Entertainment

Since I was in charge of the main stage, most of my video and pictures were taken from back stage, but I was able to walk around the festival before the entertainment started, and I got to meet some of the vendors.

Here’s an awesome vendor that was doing free healings at the festival – Royal Mana Oil


Other Vendors that were present were New Thought Church in Kealakekua, they were doing healings in the Garden grove, and here is Amiracle with Banyan Tree Sanctuary – they do accusage, and also hold Spiritual Retreats and Meditations at their beautiful estate that’s located at the top of Costco Road [Hina Lani], above Kona Heavens.

Another amazing Grammy winner that graced us with his presence was Lopaka Ryder. Lopaka’s voice was mesmerizing to say the least! Here he is playing with Irminsul Harp, Kristin Aria Shaw on drums…the song is One Day by Matisyahu (above video).


My favorite group was the Hands of Fatima – these ladies were Goddesses and helped me get in touch with my feminine side again! Here’s a picture of Laura Crittendon, Sweigh, Lili, and Abdul, one of the drummers who drummed with Inner Circle, and complemented the Hands of Fatima.

And the final highlight of the weekend at the main stage was Dan Brauer with Leche de Tigre along with a Kanikapila of Rich Randazzo, Uncle Rocky and Abdul accompanying him (above video).

Something was definitely happening at the Mango Festival and we were there to witness it! Please come and be a part of the next festival, which will be in October – The Lilikoi Festival – put on by Mana Ke’a Gardens and Randyl Rupar. And if you’d like more information on upcoming events like these, I would be happy to connect you!

Hawaiian Island Teachings

Throughout the event, Randyl wanted me to share the teachings I’ve studied on the Hawaii Islands as the healing mecca, and wanted me to point out the 19.5 degree of the earth that we are situated on as a vortex of Conscious alignment.

He also asked me to share about Hawaii being the capital city of Lemuria (Amakua or the Hamakua Coast), The Continent of Mu, and how to prepare for the coming Golden Age that is upon us as December 21, 2012 approaches and the new way of living arises based on Aloha, the Law of Attraction, the Law of Giving, and the Laws of Karma.

If you’d like more information on this as well, please connect with me anytime! I facilitate a group that meets every Wednesday nights 6:30pm at the former Mayor’s office in Kona, and we discuss these topics and more, including Spiritual Real Estate, and how to manifest the property of your dreams! All are welcomed!

With Warmest Blessings~

Claire K. Bajo, RS SRES, of Hawaii Life, can be reached at claire@hawaiilife.com





  1. Really, I've pass a enjoyable moment in 2012 Kailua-Kona Mango Festival. I've never forget this festival and I hope in future you'll gives me more change to enjoy more this kind of mango festival.

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