49 Hawaii Candidates Sign Taxpayer Protection Pledge

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BY GRASSROOT INSTITUTE —An impressive 49 candidates from Hawaii in the November 2nd election have have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, promising to “oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.”

The Tax Payer Protection Pledge is a national project of Americans for Tax Reform in Washington D.C., which offers the Pledge to all sitting elected officials and candidates for public office at the state and federal levels. Grassroot Institute of Hawaii sponsored the effort to bring the pledge to Hawaii in time for the 2010 election. “This is a watershed moment for the future of fiscal responsibility in Hawaii governance,” stated Nacia Blom, Director of Advancement at the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii.


“With nearly fifty of Hawaii’s current candidates for public office taking the important step of signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, we are taking an important step to help the state’s economy, budget, and the pocketbooks of all Hawaiians. “

Out of the 300 candidates for county, state and federal positions in Hawaii this election cycle, nearly one out of six demonstrated their dedication to the taxpayers of Hawaii by signing the Pledge. Since 2002, more than 1100 candidates across the nation have signed the Pledge each election year. Candidates who sign the pledge are bound for the duration of their tenure in the office they are seeking.

“The 49 courageous Hawaii candidates who signed the Pledge join others across the country who are dedicated to sound economic principles and stopping out-of-control government,” continued Ms. Blom. “That so many have joined this campaign demonstrates that they are listening to their constituents, and that the citizens of Hawaii are ready to demand more fiscal responsibility and consideration of our tax burden from our elected officials. We applaud these candidates as a true example of Hawaii’s Aloha spirit.”

The mission of the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii is to promote free markets, individual liberty, and limited, more accountable government in Hawaii.

More information about the Taxpayer Protection Pledge can be found at www.atr.org.

These are your 2010 Tax Payer Protection Pledge Signers:

State House:

Eric D’Almeida (District 1, R),

Marlene Hapai (District 4, R),

Soloman Singer (District 4, Non Partisan),

Fred Fogel (District 5, Libertarian),

Scott Henderson (District 7, R),

Dean Schmucker (District 8, R),

Jeff Hoylman (District 9, R),

Roman Madden (District 10, R),

George Fontaine (District 11, R),

Laurie Rinaldi (District 12, R),

Meiling Akuna (District 13, R),

Phil Sterker (District 16, R),

Gene Ward (District 17, R),

Chris Baron (District 18, R),

Barbara Marumoto (District 19, R),

Julia Allen (District 20, R),

Greg Cuadra (District 22, R),

Thomas White (District 23, R),

Isaiah Sabey (District 25, R),

Norm Katz (District 26, R),

Corinne Ching (District 27, R),

Carole Kaapu (District 30, R),

Garner Shimizu (District 31, R),

Aaron L. Johanson (District 32, R),

Sam Kong (District 32, R),

William Kong (District 34, R),

Sam Curtis (District 39, R),

Tom Berg (District 42, R),

Kimberly Pine (District 43, R),

Jadeen Meyers (District 45, R),

Gil Riviere (District 46, R),

Mo Radtke (District 48, R),

Cynthia Thielen (District 50, R)

State Senate:

Eric Siebert (District 4, R),

Joanne Georgi (District 7, R),

Sam Slom (District 8, R),

Eric Marshall (District 10, R),

Suzanne Chun-Oakland (District 11, R),

Judy Franklin (District 13, R),

Peter Dudek (District 13, R),

Ben Pascua (District 15, R),

Aaron Bonar (District 19, R),

Charles Aki (District 22, R),

Virginia Enos (District 25, R)

Lt. Governor: Lynn Finnegan (R)

US Representatives:

Charles Djou (District 1, R),

John Willoughby (District 2, R)

US Senate:

Jeff Jarret (Non Partisan),

Cam Cavasso (R)





  1. Not a single DEMOCRAT has signed this. Yes, they want to all raise our taxes. Support all of the candidates who signed the pledge.

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