$8.8 Million…That’s How Much Money the Federal Government Spent in the 90 Seconds it Takes to Read This Media Report

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BY STEPHEN MANFREDI – SpendingRevolt.com – a new coalition of taxpayers, families, business owners, and policy organizations, is launching a national advocacy campaign to raise citizen awareness about how the mounting federal spending crisis is jeopardizing America’s future.  The campaign’s website features educational tools and an interactive government spending calculator to help citizens understand the magnitude of Washington’s historic spending binge and how it relates to their lives.

The spending calculator computes how much money the government has spent during an online user’s visit to the website, and it estimates the amount of government expenditures that take place during common daily activities:


º $98,000 is spent by the Federal Government every second.

º $8.8 million will be spent by the Federal Government in the 90 seconds it takes to read this media release.

º $47 million is spent by Washington during the 3 – 4 minutes it takes most Americans to brush their teeth, twice per day.

º $58 million is spent by the Federal Government during the 10 minutes it takes the average American to take a shower.

The Spending Revolt coalition, which is composed of organizations such as Americans for Prosperity, Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW), Concerned Women for America, and 60 Plus, demonstrates how the federal government’s escalating spending spree is rapidly bankrupting American taxpayers.  America’s national debt is now projected to surpass GDP by 2012 – placing the U.S. closer to the crushing debt load that has engulfed Greece.  The coalition is promoting a Spending Revolt Pledge that urges the American people to support fiscally responsible leaders who limit federal government spending to approximately 20 percent of GDP.

“Taxpayers are sick and tired of watching their children’s and grandchildren’s futures plundered in order to pay for bloated federal budgets littered with specious special-interest pork,” said CCAGW President Tom Schatz.  “Current spending levels are unsustainable, irresponsible, and negligent,” continued Schatz.  “Decades of uncontrolled spending by Congress have saddled Americans with a $13 trillion federal debt and a $1.5 billion budget deficit.  Yet, Congress still larded up this fiscal year’s spending bills with $16.5 billion in wasteful pork-barrel earmarks.  Taxpayers are angry, and SpendingRevolt.com will make sure that their discontent is known,” concluded Schatz.

SpendingRevolt.com is a broad coalition of taxpayers, families, women, business owners, and policy organizations committed to real and permanent spending reform in Washington.

Visit online at www.SpendingRevolt.com.  For more information or to arrange an interview, contact Stephen Manfredi at (202) 222-8028 or smanfredi@ManfrediStrategyGroup.com



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