8 Things Not to Do on a Hawai‘i Beach

Kailua Beach (photo by Michael Zimmerman)


8Don’t turn your back on the ocean.

Large surf and strong rip currents can be deadly, or very embarrassing.


7Don’t walk in anything but slippahs or barefoot.

One of the easiest ways to be identified as a tourist is to be wearing socks and shoes on the beach. And not even Jason Momoa can make sock tan lines look sexy. Ok well maybe he can… but only him!


6Don’t bury trash.

Not only is it illegal,but bad for the environment. Not to mention, if you are caught by a local…yeah don’t do it.

5Don’t wear tacky board shorts or aloha shirts.

You know those swim trunks with the built in underwear? You can’t even buy those in Hawai’i.

4Don’t walk on coral.

Coral is a living creature vital to the success of all reef ecosystems. They may look like colorful rocks, but these organisms will die if we tread all over them. You can also step on Wana, a venomous sea urchin (pronounced vana) and then you have to find someone to urinate on your foot. Not kidding.

3Don’t ignore warning signs.

Warning signs such as for dangerous currents and sharks are there for your safety.

2Don’t leave your kids unsupervised.

The ocean is unpredictable, and can turn very fast.

1Don’t touch sea life.

Aside from being very illegal, it is dangerous to you and the animal. For instance sea turtles can bite, and if you grab or try to ride them you disturb their natural eating and breathing habits. Sea turtles have drown when scared and unable to surface. Locals are also very protective and will not hesitate to let you know if you cross the line.


Hawai’i is a special place, have respect for the ocean and the people who live there and you will leave with cherished memories!



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