A Conservative View: Hawaii, American Needs Alternative Gay Community

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”He’s Back”

Yes, it is true. Camille Paglia will be gracing the airwaves of C-Span this coming Sunday. Check this link out for more information:


Paglia is an author, essayist, professor, lesbian/libertarian, and yes, an atheist, but certainly not of the kind we are graced with in this Land of Aloha. Perhaps one of the most accurate portrayals of the toxic waste dump the gay-left of America, and that includes Hawaii, can be found in an article published in Frontpagemag.com entitled, ‘The Gay Inquisition,’ dated July 19, 2002. Read it here: https://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=1975

Some of the memorable quotes include these:

“The larger issue is that gay life in the U.S. has increasingly become a cultural wasteland.”

“Hence the small cells still stoking their fury in feminism and gay activism are mostly fanatics–those who are still nursing childhood wounds and who cling to “the movement” as a consoling foster family.”

“I have warned about the dangers to civil rights in a bureaucratic expansion of government authority–the intrusive octopus that gay leftists dream of in their nanny-care utopia of cradle-to-grave socialism.”

We’ve been saying this in Hawaii for years. Paglia’s piece is a keeper. Trust me.

”Right Here, Right Now”

Interview with Patrick Guerriero, Executive Director of the Log Cabin Republicans

Go to: https://www.metroweekly.com/feature/?ak=543

An excerpt: “We need to change the language around the so-called marriage issue. We should be talking about fairness via a civil contract, which is what marriage really is. When people use the word marriage it brings up connotations of intervening in religious ceremonies and institutions. That is not at all what gays and lesbians are asking for. We’re asking for the right to have a piece of paper that recognizes our tax-paying, loving relationships, that offers us tax fairness in America. I believe that the more we focus on the notion of basic fairness and the civil nature of the so-called marriage contract the better off we will be. When you sit Americans down and talk to them about tax fairness and recognition of our relationships, they’re on our side. When you throw at them, “Do you support marriage for gays and lesbians?” you often get back a “No.” We have to educate not only elected officials but our fellow gays and lesbians and the American people about what we’re really asking for.”

Kolbe expects GOP Not to engage gay marriage debate, and he’s right.
Representative Jim Kolbe (R-Arizona) is the only openly-gay republican in Congress. You may remember him speaking about the merits of international free-trade, of which he is an authority, to the Republican Convention in 2000. In an article that appeared in the July 30 edition of the Tucson Citizen he predicts that the Republican Party will not get into a debate on legalizing same-sex marriages, but that the Democrats will try to make the Bush Administration’s silence an issue. Kolbe also voted for the Defense of Marriage Act that former-President Clinton signed into law. For doing this he was “outed”. As we know in Hawaii retribution by the left is no stranger to us. Read the piece for yourself at:

”USA Today Poll – Backlash Against Gays”


Are your surprised? In a sense I wasn’t. I’ve had gays call to say, “I’m so sick and tired of Will and Grace.” Have you noticed the silence by many in the gay community on news of increasing HIV and AIDS rates among gay men for the third year in a row? Is there an urgent call for HIV testing, and for the curbing of risky behaviors? Deafening, isn’t it? Our Hawaii Log Cabin Republican political director put it this way: “The polls are clearly shifting against gay marriage…Bad move on the part of gays to force the issue…Silly liberals.” It also shows that there is no consensus on the issue of gay marriage. Don’t look for one to happen soon, if at all.

The Scarlet “G” Letter: “Outing” of Republicans, but who cares if it’s true?
“I find these tactics revolting and unforgivable,” he said. “These attempts to spread rumors about me, I think, will backfire. … People can draw whatever conclusions they want to [about my sexuality]. There are certain things we shouldn’t discuss in public. Some people may think that’s old-fashioned, but I firmly believe it’s a good rule to live by.” Those words were uttered by U.S. Representative Mark Foley, Republican of Florida and printed in the May 22 edition of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

Earlier that month supposedly-accurate news appeared on May 8, when the Fort Lauderdale weekly newspaper New Times Broward-Palm Beach reported: “Foley, the nine-year conservative Republican U.S. representative out of Lake Worth, is gay. That is no revelation to political and media types. Everyone knows it, though no newspaper outside the gay press has ever really touched the issue.”

You guessed right; this was started by Democratic party activists trying to derail his bid for U.S. Senate.

Does this sound familiar? How many of you remember the scurrilous rumors spread about Linda Lingle in 1998, and again in 2002, about former Rep. Joe Gomes and other Republicans throughout the country? None of them were or are gay. The source of those rumors is a leftist mudslinging mill with generous help from, you guessed right, the gay-left, truly the most fascistic and intolerant people to grace the American political landscape today.

We have been hearing news that our leftists, including authoritarian gays and their friends in Hawaii, are planning on “outing” people either who are or are “suspected” to be gay in the Republican Party. It’s all intended to drive a wedge into the loyalties and emotions of the conservative wing of the Hawaii Republicans. Nothing would please the left more than to have social conservatives in particular rant and rave, a rehash of Pat Buchannan’s “Culture War” speech in 1992, and a boycott of the polls. I know some of you stayed home from the polls in 1998; did four more years of socialism get you the happiness you earned for? Were your principle satisfied? You don’t have to be manipulated this time. Think outside the box.

Log Cabin republicans of Hawaii Summer Reading Club

The Death of Right and Wrong: Exposing the Left’s Assault on Our Culture and Values

By Tammy Bruce (Prima, 320 pp., $25.95)

Tammy Bruce, who has been a guest on FOX television, has written a terrific tell-all book that, as reviewer Meghan Keane describes, “depicts a society in which felons are lauded as heroes, murderers as victims, and rapists as liberators. In this society, various groups strive to be more equal than others. Sadly, her book describes not some Orwellian nightmare of the future, but the moral relativism that today’s liberal establishment is already laboring to force on the American people.” Bruce asked why the gay movement should accept depraved and harmful practices as “alternative lifestyles.” In familiar and true Salem Witchcraft trial style she was sentenced to being perceived as intolerant and a menace. For me, it has a familiar ring.

Cultural depravity, victimization and oppression by society are the mantra of the leaders of these leftist elites, dwelling in totalitarian towers inhabited by activists overseeing a relativistic world where beliefs and morals are the enemy.

Learn more about Tammy Bruce by visiting www.tammybruce.com.

”And Finally …”

As a committed Congregationalist I know that my denomination does not recognize same-sex unions and I have no plans to change that or to call for it. Gays may serve in many positions on our denomination, including ministry. Presently I am a deacon, and I love it. Over the years some have approached me about pursuing a life of ministry; I’m considering it. I feel blessed to be in a church that welcomes me with open arms and in the spirit of aloha. My faith-family are good and loving people, and I feel it my duty and obligation to return that aloha in kind.

I voted in 1998 to keep the definition of marriage between one man and one woman. Let me be clear: I was not in any way, shape, or form motivated by false-prophets singing the tunes of saving traditional marriage when divorce rates are intolerably high, for example, and the adverse impacts of those high divorce rates on children so readily ignored. Did the scapegoating of all gays and lesbians lead to a reduction in divorce rates, child abuse, drug abuse, adultery, and so on? No. Has the scapegoating of Hawaii’s religious community resulted in an acceptance of gay committed relationships? No.

I will never condone the blanket bashing, stereotyping, scapegoating, and maligning of gays, conservative or liberal Christians and others in Hawaii as was the case in 1998, and in some circles still is. It sickened me then as it does now.

The Ninth Commandment is very clear: “You shall not bear false witness against your fellow.” A lot of people in the name of sustaining tradition or inclusion broke that commandment or stood silently by. Remember, it’s a commandment, not a recommendation, not a suggestion, not an after-thought. Some thought it would be fun to fan the flames of gossip and character assassination.

There are many like myself who have been and continue to be horrified by the legal, educational, and most of all, the economic assaults on families and individuals. When our efforts to help our neighbors across this state are stymied by policies that, for example, force parents to work several jobs just to get by, well, we have to wonder. A lot of people bought into the notion that bashing gays and Christians would be a great distraction from the real issues keeping society apart and dysfunctional. A few are revving their engines to do it again for old time’s sake, I suppose. I wish the crashing bores of Hawaii would develop real hobbies and genuine lives.

That Ninth Commandment was broken in 1998 by the Hawaii Democrats. Don’t do it again. Ever. It led to the formation of the Log Cabin Republicans of Hawaii. And I say the same to other political parties, including my own. No exceptions. I make no apologies, and neither do my Hawaii Log Cabin Republican associates. And don’t plead “separation of church and state.” In practice that really means to the left an embrace of separation of conduct from conscience. Bash and smear those that dare leave the plantation and assuage your guilt; that is the mantra of the gay-left and their friends in Hawaii. No wonder the Hawaii Democrats made it a part of their platform.

How many of you saw the piece in the ”’Honolulu Star-Bulletin”’ about the Big Island gay couple who flew to Canada to get married? The key phrase in that Star-Bulletin article is this: “marriage benefits.” The whole purpose of the drive to “legalize” gay marriage has little to do with establishing covenantal relationships between same-sex people. It is about using the redefinition of marriage as a tool to acquire federally-mandated financial and civil benefits. In a sense, this is a backdoor attempt at judicial activism. In a figurative way government is pretending to be a church to many of you, a very liberal and intrusive one at that. We don’t have a state-religion, but we do have one government. And we have leftist legal-eagles functioning like courtroom pit-bulls. How compassionate.

A growing number of newspapers across the country are listing gay marriages and civil union notices in the wedding sections of their publications. Brides Magazine, published by Conde-Nast, had an edition on same-sex marriages. Don’t be surprised if newspapers in Hawaii, perhaps the Star-Bulletin in this case, follows suit.

Do you know that what gay activists want could be achieved without redefining marriage? Indeed, if they stayed away from using the word “marriage” I am convinced they would be further along. A number of my associates think that much could be accomplished if the activists would keep their mouths shut and tempers low, too. Gays right now can get “married” but it’s not state-recognized or recognized by religious denominations unless they have agreed by and unto themselves to do so. No gay couple has ever been arrested in Hawaii for having a “marriage” or commitment ceremony, say, in Kapiolani Park under the stars or in their local parish. I don’t think that gays wish to have their commitments put on hold to appease in-your-face Hawaii atheists who might find themselves left behind.

I blame much of this on the lack of intellectual and cultural sophistication prevalent in the Hawaii gay establishment. As the above-mentioned Camille Paglia has written, “the gay legal organizations have badly mishandled the public relations end of this campaign. Historically, marriage was intended for the protection and provision of women and children. After the industrial revolution, when women could leave home to get jobs, marriage lost that function. Because of the sacred meaning of marriage in all major religions, it would have been better to avoid the hot-button term ‘marriage’ and simply argue for equality of gay partnerships before the law. Furthermore, too many gay complaints are without merit, since inheritance of property or hospital visits and medical decision-making can be settled in advance through wills.”

Many of these people locally are aching for a fight similar to that in 1998. Many of these activists still think the presidency of George W. Bush is illegitimate, too. The local press seems willing to go along. After all, military wars help sell papers and boost ratings. Culture wars do that, too. There is a business component in all this. We are not obligated to give them a fight. When contemplating all of this remember always to follow the money-trail. There is one. There always is.

Log Cabin Republicans of Hawaii supports the continued freedom of businesses to tailor their own domestic partnership (DP) packages. There are no laws in Hawaii preventing businesses from doing this. There are no laws mandating them on businesses either. Each business in Hawaii is free to tailor its own DP packages if it wants to. To achieve that and expand it we need a healthier economy. We need a sophisticated gay entrepreneurial class, an educated pro-business class.

We need an alternative gay community.

The present Hawaii gay establishment is dysfunctional. It supports an unhealthy, socialistic anti-business climate. In a sense it is the most anti-gay force of all in Hawaii. How odd indeed! Many businesses already provide private domestic partnership packages and benefits. The local gay community establishment activists have never supported these. We tried to have published a release several years ago praising Hawaiian Airlines for offering DPs to flight attendants. No Hawaii gay publication would feature it. Why? It was pro-business. We had to go to California to get the news out. How did we hear of all this? On KITV’s Money Report-yes, a pro-business entity! Heavens!

God bless America.

”’Jeffrey Bingham Mead is the head of the Log Cabin Republicans of Hawaii and can be reached via email at:”’ mailto:jmead@aloha.net