AAA Hawaii Weekend Gas Watch: Prices Mostly Stuck

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Gas price averages showed little to no movement throughout the islands again this past week, according to the AAA Hawaii Weekend Gas Watch. Today’s statewide average price is $3.09, up one penny from last Thursday and five cents more than on this date a month ago. Today’s state average price is 38 cents higher than on this date a year ago, according

In Honolulu, today’s average price for regular is $2.91, the same price as last Thursday, two cents higher than last month and 38 cents higher than last year. The Hilo average price is $3.09, which is one cent higher than last Thursday, nine cents higher than on this date last month and 42 cents higher than on this date a year ago.  Wailuku’s average is $3.54, the same price as last Thursday, six cents higher than on this date a month ago, and 29 cents higher than on this date a year ago.


“Gas prices in Northwest states rose significantly last week due to an influx of visitors to see the eclipse, so Honolulu drivers today are paying lower pump prices on average than those in Seattle, and just slightly higher than those in Portland,” said AAA Hawaii General Manager Liane Sumida.  “AAA Hawaii recommends checking your tire pressure monthly and adjusting to the proper pressure to help get the best fuel economy. If you’d don’t want to check it yourself, AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities can check it for you.”

Motorists can find current prices along their route with the free AAA Mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android. The app also can be used by AAA members to map a trip, find discounts, book a AAA-rated hotel and access AAA roadside assistance. AAA Hawaii reminds drivers that AAA continues to help travelers and the public with fuel information

Prices as of 8 a.m. Aug. 24:

 Area                    Regular    One Week Change     Record Price
Honolulu $2.91 No Change  $4.48   (5/8/2011)
Hilo $3.09 +1 cent  $4.76   (4/22/2012)
Wailuku $3.54 No Change  $4.98   (5/9/2011)

AAA Hawaii Weekend Gas Watch is a weekly snapshot of gas prices.  Price comparisons are offered as a community service.  Prices are derived from fleet vehicle credit card transactions at more than 120,000 stations around the country.  Prices shown are combined averages updated three times daily.




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