Abercrombie Should Have to Pay for Hawaii's Special Congressional Elections-Why should Hawaii taxpayers foot the bill?

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Congressman Neil Abercrombie has resigned his post to run for Hawaii Governor.

He was elected from the good folks in Hawaii to be our Rep in Washington.


He was elected into a fine office.

Good salary.

Tremendous perks.

Health insurance galore.

Benefits which we common “mortals’ can only dream off.

I consider he has a contract with the folks here.

Now he breaks this contract to reach for higher goals.

This will cost the Hawaii taxpayers between $800,000 and $1.2 million for special elections.

The State is broke.

Shouldn’t Abercrombie have to pay for this special election to replace him since he caused it and his war chest is fat and loaded?

How can he justify being our next and fiscally responsible Gov in getting started like that?

‘Hanni Hartmann is an Oahu resident who can be reached at mailto:hhartmann@paragonmetals.biz’