Abramoff Scandal Highlights Well-Established System of Political Influence-‘Thank You Senator Chris Dodd for That Lovely Freeway Off-ramp That Gets Everybody to the Casino in Record Time’

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Bill Murray started off the 25th Anniversary Special of ”’Saturday Night Live”’ with a skit in which he played lounge singer Nick Thinblood at an Indian Casino. He explained that he changed his name from Ansara to Thinblood after learning he was 1/256th “Omagawli” Indian so he could share in the family and friends profit sharing. At the end of the skit he said “Thank you local Senator Chris Dodd for that lovely freeway off-ramp that gets everybody to the casino in record time” explaining that Dodd got it for them after “they were provided the opportunity to fund” a government project.

Campaign contributions work the same way