Acoba Appointed District Court Judge on Kauai

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Acoba Appointed District Court Judge on Kauai Chief Justice Mark E. Recktenwald has appointed Edmund D. Acoba as District Court Judge in the Fifth Circuit (Kauai). Acoba fills the vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Calvin Murashige.

Acoba is currently the supervising attorney of the Office of the Public Defender on Kauai. Before becoming a public defender in 1989, he worked in the Kauai Office of the Prosecuting Attorney.


A former president of the Kauai Bar Association, Acoba earned his law degree from Whittier College of Law in 1987. The chief justice appoints district court judges from a list of not less than six nominees submitted by the Judicial Selection Commission.

Acoba is the first person appointed to serve as a full-time judge by Chief Justice Recktenwald, who took office in September 2010. Acoba’s appointment is subject to confirmation by the State Senate.

Submitted by the Hawaii State Judiciary