Advertiser Plummets to New Low in Bush Editorial

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”’The Honolulu Advertiser”’ plummets to a new low in its editorial likening of President Bush
to Imperial Japan’s minister of war, Hideki Tojo, by stating, “The Japanese
justified their attack on Pearl Harbor in precisely the same way”
See “Justifications for war shifting like Iraqi sands”; Sunday, July 13, 2003 at


Right now our brave young servicemen and women are putting everything they
have on the line in Afghanistan and Iraq to protect us against renewed terrorist
attacks like those that killed thousands of our countrymen in Lower
Manhattan, Arlington and aboard four commercial passenger aircraft almost two years
ago. Why is that so difficult to understand?

If Advertiser must flex its editorial policy muscle, can’t it find the
common sense (if not the common decency) to use its influence in support of those
who are protecting its essential first amendment right to publish?

The commander in chief and his forces are working to defend the Constitutional
rights of ”’all”’ of us. Neither he nor they need this ongoing, stab-in-the back
campaign of half truths, lies, smears and innuendo to discredit them merely
because a few infantile soreheads in the media and elsewhere cannot accept the
November 2000 election results. Get ”’over”’ it, already!

To quote the Department of the Army attorney who let the air out of Joseph
McCarthy’s balloon almost half a century ago, “Have you at last no decency?”

One more time (and do try to get it right this time): the justification for
the ongoing war on terror — a war that has barely gotten underway with
battles waged in Afghan and Iraqi theaters of operations — has ”’not”’ changed in the
slightest. Anyone who doubts that should take a trip to Ground Zero. Be
likewise assured these will ”’not”’ be the last battles waged as part of this war.

President Bush is a straight arrow who speaks the plain truth. He issued a
resonating call for courage and patriotism from the well of the House in his
speech before Congress on Sept. 12, 2001: “Either you are for us or against
us.” That clear call for American patriots to take a stand was a message
intended for both foreign and domestic consumption. It compels a defining choice
between them and us. There is to be no hiding place for terrorists abroad
and no wiggle room for cowards, weasels or turncoats here at home.

Here now is your difficult task, ”’Advertiser”’: Choose.

”’Thomas E. Stuart, a public school teacher in Kapaau, Hawaii, can be reached via email at:”’