Aiona: Balanced, Honest and Fiscally Responsible Leadership

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GOP Gubernatorial candidate Duke Aiona today issued the following statement in response to a poll conducted by Ward Research for the Honolulu Star-Advertiser and Hawai‘i News Now.

This election is really a question of whether our voters want to bring the political culture of Washington to Hawai‘i, or if we’re better off with balanced, honest and fiscally responsible leadership.


Campaigns in Hawai‘i are won by those who work hardest over the last seven days, and our grassroots supporters are reaching out to every voter in the state who believes Hawai‘i’s best days are still ahead.

If this survey were taken after the debate Friday night, respondents would have seen that my opponent is not being honest with the people of Hawai‘i. He will either cut programs or raise taxes to pay for his promises to grow government at the expense of small businesses.

We’re encouraged by the broad grassroots support we’re getting from Republicans, Independents and Democrats, but we’re in no way satisfied with any results other than a win on Election Day to keep our opponent from raising the cost of living for the people of Hawai‘i.