AK Accesories: RazorSix Tactical Mount and Sling

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The RazorSix AK WIKQD mount is one of the coolest little innovations for the AK platform that I’ve seen in a while. It easily clamps onto the gasblock and offers a “QD” attachment.

by Rob Kay

RazorSix Tactical is a Hillsboro, Oregon based company that provides a variety of products and services for the special ops crowd and a wider audience. This includes belts, clothing, holsters, slings and sniper gear. They also have gunsmithing services and offer training in a number of areas. This entails everything from special training in combat handguns to use of knives and AR Carbines.


A survey of comments from the firearms forums was very positive about the quality of their classes. Likewise the reviews from Yelp were very upbeat.

They re-sell other brands, but much of their gear is developed in house by a team of veterans with a collective total of 45 years of special ops experience. The guys that create their products have all experienced equipment failures in the field and with this in mind, they strive to manufacture items that can withstand the rigors of combat.

This reflects the company’s slogan: If we wouldn’t use it, we won’t sell it. 

RazorSix was founded in 2012 by Joe Dubrovszky who served 13 years in Army Reserve and in various Federal agencies. 

When I started doing some research on RazorSix I was reminded of Mike Noell, the founder of Blackhawk. Noell’s incentive for starting Blackhawk came after nearly losing his life when one of the shoulder straps on his backpack broke while short-roping down from a helicopter in Iraq.

Joe 1
The company was founded by Joe Dubrovszky (pictured above) in 2012 in Hillsboro, OR and specializes in special ops gear.

RazorSix founder Dubrovszky says in a similar vein, “We’ve all had gear that failed and we all have to remember that USGI products are usually a product of the lowest bidder which doesn’t mean it was the best quality.”

Dubrovszky’s method of product design is based on what he calls the “3A approach”: Speed of Action, Duration of Action and Durability in Action. His gear is intended to work in worst case scenarios with the goal of reducing the stress workload of the operator in a firefight.

His company specializes in belts and slings. Their gear is used by a number of LE personnel and competitive shooters, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

The company’s name is derived from “Razor 62”, a military call sign, which he shortened to RazorSix (with the R&S standing for recon and surveillance).  Joe says, “Our primary number 6 stands for always having your SIX, or in civilian terms, your back. Either way we got you covered!”

What piqued my interest in the company was their AK sling mount known as the AK WIKQD, which alows AK rifles to adapt to most AR type slings with a QD. I think it’s a very clever design which clamps onto a little real estate available on the gas block. (It’s amazing no one thought of this before!)

Remora 2
The “Remora” sling features easy-to-remove attachments that include a variety of loops such as the HK-style hook.  It also features bungee cord action–a big plus.

According to the website, the mount has been field tested in combat conditions and has proved to be 100% reliable with no failures or accuracy issues. It works on 99% of all AK variants including SKS, AKM, RPK, Israeli and South African Galils.

It does not affect the accuracy or harmonics of the AK. Made from 6061 aluminum, it is anodized black and laser engraved with the company’s diamond logo. Priced at $40, RazorSix offers a lifetime warranty on the product.

To install it, simply remove the gas tube and nudge the AK WIKQD in position. I needed to put a screw driver blade to force clamp open a bit which is all it took to slide it into place. You cinch it down with a Philipps screw and a little Loctite. There’s cavity for the “QD” mount.

I thought the little device worked perfectly and was a great fix to the typical “keyring” method of attaching your sling. It’s about as forward as you can put a mount and in my book this was a big plus because it affords you more muzzle control.

The Remora Xtreme Sling is the second RazorSix product I tested. It’s essentially an AR sling but combined with the “AK WIKQD” it can be adapted seamlessly it to an AK.

It serves both as a single point and a two-point sling. It comes with HK style loops attached to buckles that can easily be released or swapped out with the RazorSix developed “Remora” style attachments. For example you can get “QD” style male end to accommodate the AK WIKQD, as well as loops, a mash hooks and other style connections. There’s a thumb quick release and a cam buckle release so you can easily adjust the size for your tactical, hunting or range needs.  The particular HK hook that they utilized has a big enough “maw” or mouth to accommodate any kind of QD sling loop.

I also thought the bungee cord, used on both ends of the sling, to be excellent. The bungee action, in my experience, really helps to stabilize the rifle. Price is $50.

In conclusion, I was impressed with the two RazorSix products we reviewed. This is a fairly new company that hasn’t had a lot of press and deserves consideration. The quality is excellent and everything works as advertised. You can’t ask for much more than that.

Photos courtesy of  On Target staff.

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