Akaka Bill Won’t Honor or Protect Native Hawaiians

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US Senator Daniel Akaka

BY JOHN CARROLL – U.S. Senator Daniel Akaka is one of the most kind and compassionate men I have ever known.  He has served Hawaii well in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate.  He has an impeccable character, not unlike his brother, Rev. Abraham Akaka.  This letter is written with respect for all he has done not only for Native Hawaiians, but also for all the people of Hawaii.

He seeks to gain support  for passage of the “Akaka Bill,” a bill designed, ostensibly to  give Native Hawaiians the “opportunity for self determination.”  This has been repeated over and over since this issue was first raised more than a decade ago.


It is ironic, indeed, that this United States Senator is seeking something that the “Native Hawaiians” achieved as early as 1840 when the first Constitution of the Kingdom was issued b King Kamehameha the Third.  It clearly declares that “God hath made all men of one color … .”  The Hawaiian Kingdom was “recognized” as being led, owned and governed by the Hawaiian Alii.

To the extent they decided that “others” should become part of the Kingdom, it certainly was not to create a Scotch, Russian, Portuguese or American nation.  It was a “Native Hawaiian” kingdom. It was recognized internationally by the execution of more than twenty treaties, by international tribunals in dealing with the British attempt to colonize Hawaii and was able to eject the British because of recognition of this Native Hawaiian Kingdom.

The Kingdom had a bi-cameral legislature, Houses of Commons and Alii, both Houses dominated by “Native Hawaiians.”   The Kingdom not only assimilated persons of all races, but actively promoted bringing them to Hawaii, giving them citizenship or denizenship and integrating them into the racial fabric of this land.

No Indian tribe that I know of has ever received recognition at this level.  To compare “Native Hawaiians” to Maoris, Cherokee, Arapahoe, Aleut nations borders on absurdity.

Everyone interested in Native Hawaiian history with respect to “racial issues” should read the dicta in Rex v. Booth at 2 Hawaii Reporter … .  And see what justices appointed by the Alii  had to say about the intrinsic equality of man.  This was written prior to the end of the US Civil War.

Senator Akaka’s legacy should be insuring that Hawaii becomes the most prosperous  paradise in the entire world by doing two things while he is still in office:

  1. Eliminate the Jones Act Restrictions on Shipping  in and out of Hawaii, and
  2. Use the Akaka Bill to preserve in History the legacy of racial equality and harmony which was sought and made the norm for Hawaiian Kingdom  by  the Alii.

John S. Carroll is a local attorney and Republican candidate for Governor