Akaka: Truly Hawaii’s Senator

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Ed Case

BY ED CASE – Senator Akaka announced that he would not seek re-election to the U. S. Senate at the end of his current term next year.


Sen. Akaka has served our Hawai‘i and country on Capitol Hill capably and with integrity and humility for over 34 years, including over 20 years in the Senate. He has truly been Hawai‘i’s Senator, and the decision to move on must have been very difficult. But who can fault his desire to return to his home, enjoy time with his family and friends, reflect on a fascinating life and keep on contributing in different ways.

I also respect Sen. Akaka’s decision to serve out his term. He was elected to it and he should finish out his full remaining 22 months. He’s also provided the people of Hawai‘i with the gift of a long lead time to consider his successor and the ability to chose that person in a statewide vote.

For all of this Sen. Akaka has earned our gratitude. Mahalo, Senator.

For those who’ve asked, I remain interested in serving Hawai‘i in the U. S. Senate. Today, though, is not the time and place for that decision; that will come soon enough.