Al Gore Personifies Liberal Disloyalty To America

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In the midst of the heated controversy over Danish cartoons disparaging Islam, a couple of drawings of a much more inflammatory nature suddenly were disseminated throughout the Muslim world, adding significant fuel to the fires of their outrage. These pictures depicted Mohamed in a manner guaranteed to incite far greater wrath and indignation from those Muslims already angered by the original cartoons.

Yet as the situation unfolded on the world scene, it became apparent that no one from Denmark or elsewhere in Europe was responsible, and that the latter images were the likely work of Islamists seeking to fully exploit Muslim hatred of Western Civilization.


Clearly, some who claim to be among the “faithful” are, in reality, willing to desecrate their own religion in order to manipulate the masses into action against the infidels. Thus their true loyalties are revealed to be far beneath any “holy calling.” Unfortunately, such detestable tactics are regularly mimicked by the American left.

Al Gore