All I needed to know about politics, I learned in kindergarten

Malcolm Ing MD
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Malcolm Ing MD

BY DR. MALCOLM ING – Don’t you think it is time that our President and fellow politicians should learn something from reading the fable of “Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby?”

As you may recall, when Brer Rabbit met the Tar Baby blocking the path on which the Rabbit was traveling, Brer Rabbit told the Tar Baby to talk to him.


When the Tar Baby did not talk, Brer Rabbit announced, “I will just throw one punch to teach Tar Baby a lesson.

The Rabbit’s paw was promptly stuck in the Tar Baby.

Brer Rabbit then hit the Tar Baby with his other paw, and then tried kicks so that Brer Rabbit now had all 4 limbs stuck in the Tar Baby.

Syria looks a lot like the Tar Baby. You can guess which country is like Brer Rabbit on the World Stage at this time.

Hint:  This Brer Rabbit will try to borrow more money from China to solve all his mistakes.


Malcolm Ing is a medical doctor practicing in Honolulu, Hawaii