All US Military Soldiers Should Be Armed on Base to Prevent Future Attacks

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By now most of us are aware of the deaths of American soldiers on an American base. There are two things that immediately come to mind that would have prevented this tragedy:

*1. First, let’s take a page from the Israelis – Every Israeli soldier whether he/she be a cook, a machinist, a supply clerk or whatever, has a weapon ready and loaded with them at all times, on duty, off duty, at home, when traveling or whatever! They have learned from experience that an attack can and will happen at any time, any place. Had this rule been in effect at Ft. Hood, the attacker would have gotten off one maybe two rounds before he was neutralized.


I personally would feel much safer knowing that the soldier in front of me at the local Taco Bell is able to protect their life as well as mine! Without a weapon, today’s American soldier is just an easy, highly visible target.

*2. According to the latest news, this attacker was a muslim. The army was planning to send a muslim into a war zone where the enemy is 100% muslim? What were they thinking? In WWII, Americans of Japanese ancestry were sent to Italy, not to the Pacific theatre. The proud history of the 442nd and 101st shows this was the right idea.

We need to wake up to the fact that like it or not, we are in a war of ideologies. There is no excuse for our military not being able to defend themselves.

‘Dave Wethington is a resident of Honolulu, Hawaii’