Aloha Forwarding Provides New Shipping Savings for Hawaii Residents

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HONOLULU, HI — Ask any resident of Hawaii, Alaska or the U.S. Territories about the challenges of living so far away from the U.S. mainland, and one of their biggest beefs would be the high cost of shipping from mainland merchants. Oftentimes the cost of shipping would be more than the cost of the item. “We’ve been getting nailed for nasty shipping charges for 17 years,” said Skip Thomsen, author of “Affordable Paradise” and long-time resident of the Big Island.

All that changed nearly two years ago with the launch of Aloha Forwarding (, a package forwarding service created specifically to help residents of Hawaii, Alaska and the U.S. Territories save money on shipping. Members have their packages shipped to Aloha Forwarding’s Denver address. Aloha Forwarding then forwards the packages to the members using either Priority Mail or Parcel Post.


“We save our members an incredible amount on shipping costs, something that definitely adds up over time,” said Darrell Houghton, President of Aloha Forwarding. “We’re always tweaking our service to help our members. For example, we noticed that sometimes people weren’t sure what the cost differences were between Priority Mail and Parcel Post, so we added the option to have us email them when their package arrived with a cost breakdown between Priority Mail and Parcel Post. Now our members have the necessary information to make the right decision based on their needs. That option has become very popular,” explained Houghton.

Now, coming up on their two-year anniversary, Aloha Forwarding has rolled out additional enhancements to their service that will make saving money on shipping even easier. “We took a survey and asked what else we could do to help members save money,” said Houghton. “The two biggest requests were for a repacking/consolidation service and an option to forward packages automatically. We’re pleased to announce those two options are now available, which will help our members save even more.”

With their new repacking service, members can now have Aloha Forwarding hold their packages until everything that they ordered arrives. Aloha Forwarding then consolidates all the packages into one and forwards it on to the member. This can save members a great deal in postage and handling fees.

The automatic package forwarding service allows members to fill out one form giving permission for Aloha Forwarding to automatically forward their packages. For members who frequently use Aloha Forwarding’s services, this is a great time saver. “Members are very appreciative of the service we offer and the additional ways to save money on shipping,” said Houghton. “We’ve been in their shoes and we recognized there was a need for a service like this. Aloha Forwarding offers the most options for saving money on shipping and the best user experience out there.”

Membership is free and there are no fees unless you use their service. To help introduce the benefits of using Aloha Forwarding, new members can use coupon code “Aloha” to receive $1.00 off the handling fee of their first order. Coupon expires December 31, 2010.

Contact Aloha Forwarding at:

Toll Free:
Hawaii: 866-589-0529
Alaska: 877-992-9494