‘Aloha, Lady Blue’ Picks Up Another Big Endorsement from Esquire Magazine Editor-at-Large

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Charles Memminger

Charley Memminger has picked up a big endorsement for his soon-to-be published  novel “Aloha, Lady Blue” from a New York Times best-selling author.

A.J. Jacobs, editor-at-large at Esquire magazine and author of the recent  best-seller, “Drop Dead Healthy,” has contributed this blurb:


“Charley Memminger  should be named Hawaii’s state gem. Sorry black coral, he’s just better than you  are. His great first novel, ‘Aloha, Lady Blue’, made me feel like I just took a  Hawaiian vacation, and not your usual boring beach vacation, but a thrilling trip filled with corrupt cops and libidinous Russians.”

“A.J. has been an inspiration to me for years,” Memminger said. “For reasons I  don’t quite understand but really appreciate, he’s supported and pushed me in my writing since I first interviewed him for a ‘Honolulu Lite’ column years ago.”

“Aloha, Lady Blue” now has an impressive lineup nationally-known endorsers,  including Pat Sajak, Andre & Maria Jacquemetton (co-producers and head writers  of the TV show “Mad Men”), Kinky Friedman (Texas funnyman, musician and buddy of  Willie Nelson), W. Bruce Cameron (author of “Eight Simple Rules for Dating My  Daughter”) and Frank South (co-producer and head writer of “Baywatch Hawaii” and  “Melrose Place”).

Memminger said he’s hoping that the support of those great writers (and one  great TV game show host) will draw the attention of national reviewers to “Aloha, Lady Blue” and “a little, old unknown writer way out Hawaii.”

Memminger is working on the sequel, “A Deadly Kona-Colored Wind”, which will be  published in 2014. He signed a two-book deal with St. Martin’s Press last year and is represented by Richard Pine, a partner at InkWell Management.

“Early reviews have been fantastic,” literary agent Richard Pine said. “With ‘Hawaii Five-0’ ruling the ratings and the success of Kaui Hart Hemming’s novel  and movie “The Descendants,” Hawaii is definitely hot with mainland audiences.  It’s a terrific time for a first-rate crime novel set in Hawaii to be released  nationally.”

Memminger, former national award-winning humor columnist and screenwriter,  currently is a senior writer at Communications Pacific, one Hawaii’s largest  public relations and communication firms.

Submitted by InkWell Management