America's Continuing 'PC' War

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In a ploy as old as the world’s first police state, the rule of law in America is lately being distorted beyond recognition. Far from the founders’ original purpose of providing a framework within which citizens could operate with maximum freedom and safety, it has instead become a weapon by which the strong can dictate to the weak. As such it loses its ability to provide protection for the people but constitutes a malignant and growing threat.

Since American society has not yet completely descended into tyranny, this is best accomplished by selectively enforcing the law, as was the case during the 1990s when Bill Clinton regularly engaged the FBI and IRS to “investigate” (or more accurately, to harass) political opponents. Neither the numerous IRS audits of Conservative organizations, nor the yet-unresolved issue of more than a thousand illegally obtained FBI files, can be construed in any other manner. Unfortunately President Bush has, by allowing Clinton Administration crimes to go unpunished, affirmed the propriety of those abuses of power. It is thus no wonder then that President Bush and Attorney General John Ashcroft are having such difficulty gaining confidence for their Patriot Act.


In West Palm Beach Florida, Rush Limbaugh is being hounded by prosecutors in a manner that goes far beyond their handling of any other prescription drug abuse case in years. Clearly, the overwhelmingly Democrat law enforcement apparatus of Palm Beach County is motivated by something other than justice, but is instead entirely political. Even the ACLU recognizes the threat posed by such biased action and is decrying it. Of course, were the ACLU to apply similar principles to the rest of its caseload, it would likely lose half of its clientele nationally.

In a country where lawsuits are increasingly being used to supplant the law itself, sinister forces (some of which are actually foreign based and hostile to U.S. interests) gain greater leverage than they previously had to define and dictate the debate among Americans as to their own future and well-being. The pro-Islamist “Council on American Islamic Relations” (CAIR) recently filed a suit against Congressman Cass Ballenger, R-N.C., not to recoup losses from any action of his, but rather to punish him and by so doing, to intimidate others who might likewise publicly criticize their organization. Those conservative Americans who continue to engage in “free speech” do so under the shadow of increasing risks of government sanctioned retribution.

As a corollary, “political correctness,” (though not yet law) is spreading throughout America. And in its wake, justice and truth are often obscured while primary attention is refocused on some group or another claiming to be “offended.”

“Right and wrong” are regularly being defined and redefined by liberals on a case-by-case basis, with standards shifting drastically, according to whether or not a particular situation will benefit them. Thus, the criteria used to establish a case of “sexual harassment” during Clarence Thomas’ confirmation hearings subsequently had to be radically altered to enable liberals to defend the actions of Bill Clinton.

On a Jan. 6 edition of CNN’s “Crossfire,” co-host Robert Novak asserted that voting irregularities on South Dakota’s Indian reservations may have cost Republican John Thune his bid for the United States Senate. The statement caused an immediate firestorm of accusations of “bigotry” against Novak. Concerns of voter fraud, a crime not only against Thune and the people of South Dakota, but against all Americans, became secondary to the possibility of “politically incorrect” thought by Novak.

In a recent commentary, columnist John Leo explains how American political discourse has become extremely venomous and shrill in recent years, primarily among liberals. Unfortunately, Leo similarly derides columnist Ann Coulter for her use of the term “traitor” when describing the motives and actions of those on the left. In this Leo misses the point. While accusations from the left are regularly hurled as a distraction and substitute for reason and analysis, Coulter’s statements, though admittedly severe, are nonetheless a proper conclusion to the case she systematically makes. The left cannot perpetually excoriate America and its heritage, while lauding and excusing its most vile and murderous enemies, without its own motives being called into question and eventually characterized as nothing less than “unpatriotic” and even “treasonous.”

As surely as the truth will set people free, it follows that as society degenerates into “spin” and “euphemism” (formerly known as “lies”) it will lapse into enslavement. Truth and justice are increasingly becoming endangered commodities in American politics.

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