America’s New Year Resolutions

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All resolutions are seeds of personal revolutions.

Some of the seeds from resolutions made during these early days of 2010 will be taken to heart.


Most, unfortunately, will not.

One resolution heard often this time of year is: “I’ve got to go on a diet and lose 10-15 pounds.”

Yes, we have all heard such resolutions.

And, haven’t most of us made them, too?

The challenge confronting all of us who dare make such resolutions is that almost all of them are self-focused. Especially those resolutions made during the holidays.

Yet, here is the hard reality, the basic truths, about all resolutions:

Resolutions that do not originate in or are not welcomed into one’s heart are not likely to be planted.

And, resolutions said to have been planted or appear to be present either never take root or, in short order, wilt due to lack of essential care.

At best, in these instances, we can reasonably be certain that such resolutions have been, or will be left to die on the vine.

Resolutions taken to heart will be acted upon; the seed will be planted with action.

With ongoing specific care and personal attention, the resolution takes root.

When an individual’s level of personal resolve takes root and grows strong, a personal revolution is under way.

Thus, with persistent commitment, the goal objective of the original resolution can be achieved.

In other words, the resolution we hear so often this time of year: “I’ve got to go on a diet and lose 10-15 pounds” becomes the declaration: “I’ve lost 16 pounds.”

And, with continued personal attention, eventually gives rise to: “And, I’ve kept it off.”

Now, imagine America’s New Years Resolutions.

What should they be?

What is needed to refresh, reinvigorate, indeed replant, the seeds originally provided by our country’s founders?

What do you believe we citizens need take to heart?

What is necessary to replant each of America’s resolutions?

What does each individual citizen need to do immediately and, on an ongoing basis, to ensure that we do not permit our freedoms to wilt or, worse, die on the vine?

What can be done to immediately start the American Renewal and restore the proper role and limits on government at all levels?

Here’s one citizen’s package of resolutions





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