An Idea For Our Hawaii State Senate

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Our uneducated (historically that is), uninformed and embarrassing liberal state Senators have too much time on their hands. Since they can so freely take up taxpayers time discussing that which they were not elected to do, nor that which they were briefed on or informatively equipped to do — here’s a great idea for them.


They can radio, or better yet charter a ship, to meet up with the three Iraqi cargo ships illegally doing circles out in international waters and invite them to Hawaii. You see, shortly before the “Clouseaus” showed up in Iraq back in November, these three ships burdened with an undisclosed cargo of 35,000 to 45,000 tons each in “undeclared” cargo set out to sea. Since that time, the ships have remained at sea, maintained radio silence (a violation of international maritime law) and refused to list or otherwise disclose their cargo.

Why let U.S. and British authorities continue surveillance on those ships? What better way for our stately liberal HI Senators to spend their time than inviting into Honolulu Harbor those ships belonging to, as they put it, the “easy to control Iraqi dictator.” And then, to make even more appropriate use of their time, give them more suitable duties for the remainder of their terms. They can entertain the Iraqi sailors/henchmen/soldiers during the balance of their stay, maybe even have them stay in their own homes.

After all, we are an island state right? What better place for these ships to find a home. And what a better welcoming crew than the liberal members of our state Senate who so easily forget why it is they were really elected.

That reason by the way, was not to take it upon themselves to tread upon the rights of the very people who elected them, by wasting valuable Senate time on that which they’re not equipped or authorized to. Especially while our schools continue to fall apart and small business gets crushed under the most oppressive regulations in the nation. No, the reason they were elected was to improve those things. The very things the people of the state of Hawaii demand that they do.

It’s clear to me that with this new appropriation of their time, at least these state Senators can enjoy the short period they have left in office with the people they really defend and dedicate their time to. Our rights and honor as Hawaii Citizens have been tread on enough. Give ’em a break and let these Senators have some real “quality time” with their true constituents before we boot them out of office.

”’John-Paul Micek is a resident of Windward Oahu and can be reached via email at:”’