An Ominous Setup For The 2012 Elections

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BY CHRISTOPHER ADAMO– It is altogether unfortunate that Herman Cain opted to play the race card in his quest for the Republican presidential nomination. In an interview on ABC, Cain derided Texas Governor Rick Perry over the supposed presence of a racial epithet on a rock at a piece of property once leased by the Perry family. But as the facts of the story unfold, it increasingly appears that Cain simply could not resist (or more accurately, was lured into) an unwarranted attack on Perry over what amounted to little more than some graffiti, painted on a rock, that was covered over years ago.

Cain can indeed rejoice that the vast support he is receiving proves Heartland America is judging him based on the content of his character. But for the dream to continue, he needs to afford Governor Perry that same consideration.


Admittedly, in this modern “politically correct” era, it is virtually a felony to even utter that particular racial moniker. Or at least it is outside of the church of “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright, who was Barack Obama’s spiritual mentor for more than two decades. There, the spewing of racial venom is the norm. Nevertheless, Cain’s sorry attempt to get “one up” on Perry, hardly necessary in light of the recent polling data showing his campaign to be surging, highlights a willingness to resort to a less than worthy political discourse while detouring from the important issues of the day.

Cain either believes that discussions of the callous labels of yesteryear are of primary importance and should supplant the nation’s harrowing current state, or he is naive and gullible enough to be drawn into such a dispute by a disingenuous and manipulative media. In either case, the whole incident accomplished nothing other than to undermine his credibility as a potential national leader. And America desperately needs a leader at this pivotal juncture.

Apart from all of the other financial and international matters that are quickly approaching “critical mass,” America could benefit enormously from a truly “post racial” president. Barack Obama was touted as such, and proudly donned the mantle. Yet by his every cabinet and judicial appointment, his frequently disastrous unscripted remarks, and the whole direction he is taking the country, Obama regularly proves that he is a hard-leftist, and is ready at a moment’s notice to employ race in service to his agenda. And sadly, he now appears to have received a measure of philosophical concurrence from Herman Cain.

The grim truth is that if Cain does indeed rise to the top and receive his party’s nomination, he will be the ultimate target of authentic and unrelenting racism and hate, which is the fate of any, regardless of ethnicity, who dare to thwart the liberal agenda. An objective look at events transpiring around the nation suggest that the days of boisterous but civil political contests are coming to an end. American politics is quickly descending into an abyss of escalating violence and confrontation. And it is absurd to expect that the current administration would seek to elevate itself above such things when they represent  its remaining strongholds. And in such a toxic atmosphere, Cain will hardly be immune on account of his race. Just ask former Bush Secretary of State Colin Powell or National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, who were both demeaned in the basest of racial terms for their supposed “conservatism.”

Meanwhile, a very telling event has occurred on another front of this same war. Beverly Perdue, the Democrat Governor of North Carolina, lofted the first trial balloon of a growing menace among Democrats who see the impending loss of their grip on state power. Speaking to a Rotary Club last week, she asserted that America “ought to suspend” the 2012 elections and that Congress should somehow be allowed to make its decisions with no redress by the public. While her staff has been doing somersaults ever since, trying to diffuse the resulting controversy through any bogus means possible, Perdue’s suggestion aligns too well with other “ruling class” pronouncements from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D.-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-NV), to mention only a few.

In short, the increasingly out-of-favor Democrats are frantically seeking ways of putting themselves beyond accountability to the public. And since fraud and “spin” on the nightly news cannot succeed in the absence of a liberal media/information monopoly, the liberal political machine increasingly looks to other methods of retaining power and furthering its agenda, even by force if necessary.

Decent Americans were outraged when the Justice Department, under the headship of hyper-partisan leftist Eric Holder, announced that it would not be pursuing those “New Black Panther” members who engaged in voter intimidation against whites going to the polls in Philadelphia in 2008. Clearly, justice was abominated in the process. But that outrage was only the tip of the iceberg. In truth, the official department policy of ignoring such a flagrant crime amounted to an endorsement of it as acceptable behavior. Does anyone think that if Obama’s numbers continue to plummet between now and November 2012, and he faces the prospect of a humiliating defeat from a lawful and duly executed election, that he and his minions will not revert to Chicago style tactics on an even broader scale than before?

More importantly, does Herman Cain actually believe that he will somehow remain safe in such an environment based on his own ethnicity? In truth, the only concern the left has ever had for women, or for minorities, or for any other “victimized” constituency group is in their perceived value to the liberal cause. While real America has increasingly sought to fulfill the noble ideals of the founders, that equality in justice and opportunity are indispensible precepts of this great nation, those on the left will loudly and sanctimoniously claim to champion such things, but instantly trash and debase, in the most vile of terms, any who dare to impede their cause.

The people of the heartland are ready to reclaim their inheritance of this nation. But they must realize the magnitude of the upcoming conflict they face. The recent orchestrated riots and protests in America’s major cities, starkly unlike the peaceful and triumphal “Tea Party” gatherings of the past few years, are a harbinger of the all-out battle for the reins of power that will ensue in the next fourteen months. If the conservative grassroots is unwilling to recognize this looming danger, recoils from the severity of the confrontations to come, or accepts the premises of the current controversies as espoused by the Democrats, the left will ultimately have its way.





  1. IMO it is unfair to characterize Cain as “playing the race card”. The Cain interview I heard essentially said that the rock in question was “insensitive” and he went on to emphasize he does not hold grudges against America for racism in the past because it is a great nation capable of change.

    Playing the race card, to me, means accusing (or strongly implying) one of racism. Cain did no such thing.

  2. I agree with Peter on this one…this guy is deliberately overreacting…and by doing so IS playing the race card.

    If you want an example of “playing the race card” (i.e. false charges of racisim) look no further than last year’s gubernatorial Democratic primary, where the charges were gleefully manufactured and promoted….ironically by a white guy from New York.

  3. I emailed the Cain campaign as soon as I heard his comment about the Perry Hunting Camp IN 1982 or some decade past. Perry is not a racist, and his record would surely attest to that and Cain being a smart guy should recognize that. This is a pointless comment anyway and in no way represents the challenges we face as an economy, country, and political direction.

    Cain is a conservative and should just stick to conservative position. He has enough right there to bring sensibility to the Class of warfare today.


  4. As a “Honkie for Herman” I do not feel he played the race card against Perry. In fact, the rock with the graffitti should be a non issue as it was just another smear attack. The left is now saying that Herman is not “black enough” because in his book he was not a ferverent marcher in the Civil Rights movement. He was studying his butt off getting a degree in math that propelled him into top tier positions in a variety of Fortune 500 companies. Anyway, were he to debate Owebama he would run rings around him. Btw, Owebama was caught in a blatant lie today that I have not seen reported in the MSM. A very blatant lie.

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