An Unlimited Christmas Credit Card

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Photo: Emily Metcalf

What if you had no spending limits this holiday season?

You could take that dream ski vacation you’ve always wanted…and buy all new ski gear for your family to take on the trip…wait, why are you renting a cabin? Go ahead and buy that cabin! And don’t forget the private jet that will take you there…


This is basically how Washington spends your money.

While you’ve been planning your expenses carefully, Congress hasn’t had a proper budget in years. It just keeps tacking on spending.

That’s why the 2.5 percent budget cut Congress agreed to a couple of years ago was so important. The credit cards are beyond maxed—we’re more than $17 trillion in debt.

When you hear Members of Congress complaining that they can’t find anywhere to cut—that even existing spending cuts should be undone so they can spend more—remember these little goodies:

These are only the beginning. In fact, Heritage experts have helpfully identified outdated or unnecessary government programs that could be eliminated so Congress could save $42 billion of your money.

So let’s not hear that there’s nowhere to cut. It’s time for budgeting—and staying within that budget.

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