Anti-Smoking Activists’ Clueless Crusade Against E-Cigarettes

e-cigarettes (photo courtesy of Reason)
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e-cigarettes (photo courtesy of Reason)

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My latest article at The Daily Beast looks at the push against e-cigarettes, which deliver nicotine hits to smokers who would otherwise be sucking on cancer sticks:


The latest push from tobacco eliminationists doesn’t involve actual smoking, which has already been driven out of polite society more thoroughly than Rev. Jeremiah Wright sermons, early David Allan Coe records, andThree’s Company-era gay jokes combined. But it does lay bare the prohibitionist mindset and its fixation on scrubbing the planet clean of any behavior or attitude the crusader deems unacceptable.

This time, the buttinskys are trying to douse the dreaded e-cigarette, a device that supplies a safe nicotine hit to the user without bothering or endangering anybody else. E-cigarettes use replaceable cartridges in which nicotine or flavors are heated, vaporized, and inhaled (users are called “vapers”). Some e-cigarettes look like conventional cancer sticks and others look more like something from a bad Sylvester Stallone movie set in the near future. Questions of fashion aside, they are not just a safer way for smokers to get the nicotine they crave, they are apparently as safe as milk (well, pasteurized milk, anyway, and assuming you’re not lactose intolerant).

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  1. You have to love the term “safe nicotine hit” in the article. Nicotine is anything but safe. If you take the time to look it up you will see that nicotine is used in pesticides. Very small doses are a stimulant, which is considered a reason why nicotine addiction is one of the hardest habits to break. Also, most people are not convinced that all that is exhaled is only water vapor, there as to be a small amount of nicotine in the exhaled vapor. What happens when you’re in a room with multiple e-cig users? Do you really want to deal with second hand nicotine? Finally, how safe are the replacement cartridges to dispose, are sanitation workers or janitors at risk of being exposed to higher concentrations of nicotine when the unused cartridges are thrown out?

    There is a lot of research that needs to be done, before this can be labeled as safe.

    • Apparently starting with you. Second hand nicotine? Really? You're ridiculous. The nicotine is VAPORIZED. It becomes vapor which means it dissipates withhin seconds of exhale. It isn't smoke which tends to linger and never truly goes away. All anyone is going to get is a second hand scent of whatever flavor is being vaped. As far as the cartidges are concerned, those are for the e-cigs that look like the real thing. Once they are used up there is a burnt taste that means the cartidge is empty. Nicotine doesn't seep into your pores anyway. Sanitation workers and janitors don't have to wear HAZMAT suits in order to dispose of them.

      Why don't you truly look into it, go into a smoke shop that sells these things and see for yourself. As far as healthier, I'm a year on my vaporizers and I haven't had bronchitis in almost that time and my sons seasonal allergy asthma has not kicked in that time either. So yes, they are much healthier. You have a problem with nictotine and it's addictive properties, fine. But those scenarios you're talking about are poorly thought out and uninformed.

      • Nicotine isn't even toxic for the body! the omnly thing that's harmfgul in a cigarette is the smoke, but e-cigs have vapors not smoke

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  3. Wow, these people have no shame! I dont mind not smoking in public, its actually been beneficial for me because i smoke less now, but what do people have against e-cigs?

  4. you can't force people to give up this kind of smoking too. I mean, you can't change such a habit or totally remove it from society.

  5. it does lay bare the prohibitionist mindset and its fixation on scrubbing the planet clean of any behavior or attitude the crusader deems unacceptable.

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