APEC 2011 Strategic Planning Commission Proposed for Hawaii

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I introduced House Resolution 228, requesting the establishment of a Hawaii “APEC 2011 Strategic Planning Commission” to facilitate the November 2011 APEC conference to be held in Honolulu.

This is Hawaii’s Olympics. It’s our opportunity to show that we are capable of competing with the international capitals of the world.


The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) was formed in 1989 and is the premier forum for the facilitation of free trade, growth, and investment cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region. APEC is a group of 21 member economies that represent over 40% of the world’s population and over 50% of the world’s trade.

The 2011 APEC Conference is bringing 21 heads of state, 63 ministers of industry and foreign affairs, and more than 16,000 foreign diplomats, support staff and media members from around the world to Honolulu, Hawaii’s capital city. Honolulu already has some of the necessities to host the conference, including the East-West Center, proven security capacities, a modern convention center, and international-quality hotels.

The APEC 2011 Strategic Planning Commission, however, will also address improvements that need to be made, including airport modernizations, expanded broadband access and speed, road repairs, traffic congestion abatement, and a marketing plan to inform the public of the importance of projecting the Aloha Spirit to our foreign guests.

In November 2011, all eyes will be on us. We have one chance to do this right.

‘Rep. Gene Ward, R-Hawaii Kai serves in the Hawaii House of Representatives’