APEC To Discover Waikiki Happy Hour

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BY J. ARTHUR RATH – “I’ve been practicing,” Willee says to me, and I’ll have a  joyous message for thousands of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation who’ll soon be visiting Waikiki.”

“Okay, Willee,” I said. “You spout, I’ll write.  Do you have any particular setting in mind for your message?”


“My choice was between Tiki’s, where you look down on beach bodies, or a more pastoral setting out of sight of any bawdiness on the beach˜Brazilian-style bathing suits arrest attention and disturb other concentration, you know.”

“Such suits are the most reasonable alternative to extreme tanning, Willee, since bare beaches are prohibited in the
vicinity.  Please continue.”

Well, just listen, local man and I’ll read it to you.  It’s my poem is titled: “Cocktail Hour at Lulu’s”

“Okay, go ahead.  Blank verse, I imagine.”

With a proud posture he recites:

While you’re sipping, plumeria trees dancing,
Vantage point from Lulu’s balcony here.
Lanai stretches toward the Diamond Head side,
Continues to Kalakaua ocean view.

Here you can watch the sun sliding deeper,
Until all the ocean suddenly turns red!
Bursting crimson brings an overall glow,
Then shades descend as another day ends.
Blossoms continue dancing in the breeze.

“Nice, Willee, but why focus on a particular location? Many other
places have charming sunset view, maybe not all are from on high
and perhaps few carry plumeria perfumes.  Waikiki has many places
where observors  watch the sun sink into the ocean∑‰

“Yeah, Attah, but where I describe, doors are open to everyone.  It‚’s ‘Hele Mai,’ come inside.

That type of Hawaii friendship and openness is a good message for APEC members to take home.

“I’ll be drifting around reminding visitors: ‘Lucky you come Hawaii.’  It’s our local attitudes, not just scenics, that’ll impress ’em.”

I have nothing more to add to these wise words.