Apology to the Citizens of Manoa for Partisan Politics at Neighborhood Board

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BY JOHN KIM — My sincerest apology to any of you who witnessed or will watch on TV the Oct 8, 2010 Manoa Neighborhood Board (NB) meeting.

A quick recap of what happened (a more detailed summary is at https://www.hawaiireporter.com/eagle-scout-leader-should-not-be-denied-service-on-manoa-neighborhood-board:


A member of the community who met all requirements for board membership volunteered to fill an existing vacancy. During Q&A of the candidate, his affiliation with a major political party was clear.

He did not receive enough votes, and some board members vocalized reasons for the rejection (new to the community, not involved with the NB previously, not a known figure in the community, etc) rather than the candidate’s political affiliation.

The next item considered by the board was the candidacy of another person for a different board vacancy. While she was equally new to the neighborhood process and to our neighborhood, she was accepted to the board.

During questioning, it was clear that she was sympathetic to if not a member of the rival political party.

Your NB was clearly hypocritical in its consideration of these two candidates and clearly used political affiliations as a major discerning factor.

The interjection of such blatant politicking into the neighborhood board is clearly unethical, if not illegal.

I am ashamed to be identified with a board that would act so unconscionably.

However, the events of Oct 8 have led me to 2 decisions: 1) I will not resign from the board (I seriously considered doing so) and will fulfill by commitment to the community by completing my term, 2) I will not continue on the board after this term’s conclusion.

Thank you for your past support.

John Kim is the former Chair, Manoa Neighborhood Board