Appointed Board of Education: Moving Away from Democracy

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BY JOSEPH DEMARCO – As members of the group Hawaii’s Children First continue to hold signs and pickett the fact they would like the Board of Education hand picked by the governor, I wonder if they realize this is a move away from democracy.


I wonder if many of these parent even know what they are protesting. Letting the govenor chose the BOE would be taking power from the people and putting it in the hands of the politicans.

I know people want change, but trust me this is not the change we need, remember doing something different does not make it better. I’ve heard people say this is a step in the right direction, the school system is broken. We need change. It’s true we need change, but are we really considering letting the governor choose the Board of Education? Letting the governor choose the BOE is a bad idea for so many reasons.

When an elected official appoints an individual with special interests, you usually have hidden agendas or close friends that were owed a favor. Why do you think the public sector is so corrupt with inappropriate use of funds, because friends and relatives are appointed to be there to cover you, especially when you hold high positions.

If the board is to be chosen by the governor, riddle me this, why even have a Board of Education since it would merely be a farce to make people believe their opinions matter. Couldn’t we just all save money and eliminate the BOE altogether, I mean they will merely be puppets of the governor anyway.

Joseph DeMarco is a resident of Oahu, Hawaii





  1. Two things Mr. DeMarco, one this Country and State are not a “Democracy” we are a “Republic.” Two, why do we have a Board of Education or for what it matters why do we even have a State Department of Education?

    I’d say get rid of them. All they do is suck up our revenues of which very little is used for our children. How often are we now required to purchase school supplies or worse our under paid teachers are picking up the supply tabs. All our tax revenues do is feed the adminstrative bureacracy and the unions who in turn use the monies for campaigning.

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