Arab News quotes Gov. Linda Lingle on being a statesman

Former Gov. Linda Lingle
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Former Gov. Linda Lingle
Former Gov. Linda Lingle

Former Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle is quoted today in an article from Arab News, a news journal in Saudi Arabia.

The news organization published a report called “In search of a statesman” in its July 9, 2014 edition, noting “there is no dearth of attention-seeking politicians in almost all the Asian countries but we fail to see any statesman in the crowd.”


The author, S.H. Moulana, quotes Lingle as saying: “Politicians all too often think about the next election, statesmen think about the next generation.”

Lingle, who broke many Hawaii traditions when she was elected as the first female governor, the first Jewish governorand the first neighbor island mayor in 2002, served as governor until 2010.

Moulana writes: “A politician buys vote while a statesman earns vote. A statesman uses truth to keep power in the hands of the people while a politician uses lies and deception to gain power over the people. A statesman will demand a balanced budget while a politician will spend money stolen from future generations. Finally a statesman maintains peace while a politician relishes on conflict and unrest, no matter what disaster it brings to the country. True and dedicated statesmen are what most of the Asian countries require the most.”







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