Are COVID Variants Coming from a Lab?

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The COVID-19 virus, called SARS-CoV-2, has underdone many changes since it came into our lives in 2019. But one thing remains the same.  We are still not getting the full story about this virus from the government. 

Now, in early 2024, there are still new variants emerging which baffle scientists, and which prompt calls for alarm. 

inline explains the problem, in the article, “Surprisingly Different” JN.1 Variant Is a Game-Changer in Our COVID Battle

The article describes how the new JN.1 variant can further evade the immune system, making this variant more transmissible and possibly more dangerous. However, there is another aspect of this virus that concerns scientists. 

As the article explains, “Normally, SARS-CoV-2 variants look quite similar to what was there before, accumulating just a few mutations at a time that give the virus a meaningful advantage over its parent.

However, occasionally, as was the case when omicron (B.1.1.529) arose two years ago, variants emerge seemingly out of the blue that have markedly different characteristics to what was there before. This has significant implications for disease and transmission.”

It’s never good for a virus to come from “out of the blue”. The original SARS-CoV-2 seemed to come from “out of the blue”, too, but it probably came out of a lab, in Wuhan. 

The article continues, “JN.1 has inherited more than 30 mutations in its spike protein. It also acquired a new mutation, L455S, which further decreases the ability of antibodies (one part of the immune system’s protective response) to bind to the virus and prevent infection.”

If this virus is a bioweapon, as is probably the case but will not be admitted in our lifetimes, then it is already involved in gain of function research, which alters the virus to make it more infectious and damaging. The new mutation, L455S, could be the latest innovation to further weaponize this virus.

The appearance of new variants could be the outcome of natural evolution in billions of people infected with this virus around the world. But it could also be from labs around the world working on bioweapons and making SARS-CoV-2 more powerful a weapon.

A secret pathogen-containing laboratory was recently discovered in California in November, 2023. According to the New York Post, Thousands of vials of biological substances — including some labeled “HIV” — and a freezer marked “Ebola” were found inside a secret Chinese-owned biolab in California which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and FBI initially refused to investigate, according to a House committee report released Wednesday.

According to, in their fact sheet, Chemical and Biological Weapons Status at a Glance, bioweapons are still being actively developed by many countries despite attempts to limit or ban them. Some countries deny having bioweapons, but they are accused of lying. “Some states have officially declared BW (bioweapons) or CW (chemical weapons) programs, while other programs have been alleged to exist by other states.”

The point is that a new virus mutation can come from “out of the blue”, or it can come from out of a lab, and you couldn’t easily tell the difference. 

Is it inconceivable that some biolab is working on further gain of function for this already powerful bioweapon? Labs around the world already have samples of SARS-CoV-2 virus and its variants for testing purposes.

If new variants which apparently come from “out of the blue”, such as JN.1, are actually bioweapons that are deliberately or accidentally released, would health officials let us know? 

Would the government tell the public that we are under perpetual attack by variants of SARS-CoV-2, some made by nature, and some made by government scientists working in secret with taxpayer funding? 

My guess is that it’s easier to get compliance with infectious disease procedures when people think Mother nature is making them sick, and not some scientists on a DoD grant. We feel we have no control over Mother Nature, and must endure natural sickness. But we get angry when we suffer because of someone who plays with pathogens. 

Unfortunately, so long as the COVID pandemic continues, the world’s population will be tested with new variants. These tests will happen naturally, as the virus spreads and mutates like other viruses. Even a genetically modified virus designed as a weapon will mutate naturally as it infects billions of people. 

But these tests can be happening by design, as well. The pandemic gives great cover for covert operations. 

Suspiciously, this scenario of some new variants coming from labs, especially those that come from “out of the blue”, is never mentioned. This is an obvious possibility given the original lab leak theory and the fact that gain of function research is ongoing. 

Why is this not discussed? Why was the Wuhan lab theory resisted and discredited before being mostly accepted? 

The missing piece of the COVID puzzle is the biggest piece of all. It’s truth. 

Governments which make bioweapons, including the US, will not discuss the details of clandestine research. Errors and accidents will happen, of course, but these will be covered up, for national security reasons. 

Of course, the vaccine industry has samples of variants for testing, or genetically manipulating. These multibillion dollar vaccine companies, now even fatter from government COVID panic-buying, are standing by with their new and improved vaccines for new and improved variants.

If anything is clear about COVID, it’s that you can’t trust what you read or hear from those in charge of public health. They are part of a government that is developing bioweapons. 

The truth may be more in what they don’t say, and in what they censor others from saying. 

And they’re not saying anything about new variants possibly coming from a lab. 

Just saying…




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