Army finalizes plan to conduct marine study at Makua Beach

Makua Beach
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Makua Beach

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii – The U.S. Army has finalized its plan to study marine resources at Makua Beach and surrounding areas.

The sampling and analysis plan (SAP) explains in detail how the Army will collect and analyze marine resources to determine whether military activities at Makua Military Reservation have contributed or will contribute to contamination of the marine resources near Makua, and whether proposed Army training activities at MMR pose a health risk to area residents who rely on these marine resources for food or other purposes. The SAP is part of an overarching supplemental marine resources study ordered by the Federal District Court June 20, 2012.


Community can view or download the plan at 

It is also available at the Waianae, Kapolei and Waialua public libraries, and the Waianae and Nanakuli high school libraries, under the title “Final Supplemental Marine Resources Study Sampling and Analysis Plan Makua Military Reservation Oahu, Hawaii.”
In consideration of the environment, printed copies are available upon request.

Now that the plan is finalized, the Army will work with local fishermen and individuals from the University of Hawaii to collect samples of limu (algae/seaweed), he’e (octopus) and loli (sea cucumber) that were selected for testing based on community input and consistent with the Court’s order. The fieldwork will begin in September, and samples will be collected during both the wet and dry seasons.

The public’s involvement in this study has been invaluable since the initial community survey was announced in October 2012. The Army will continue to its efforts to engage the community via updates online, at neighborhood boards, and through local media and community leaders, as available. Individuals can also request updates directly by emailing

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