Arsenic Contamination Found on Kauai

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The state Health Department has found high levels of arsenic in the soil at a former plantation pesticide mixing and storage site on Kauai but an official said the risk to residents is low and “we are very confident the situation is under control.”

The discovery was part of an ongoing study of similar historic sites around the state conducted by the Health Department.


The site is on Aalona Place in the Kilauea area of Kauai.

Health Department analysts “found high levels of arsenic in soils on two properties on Aalona Place,” the department said in a news release.

“The highest concentration was found in a small drainage ditch behind a commercial building, about 80 times (higher than the department’s) acceptable level for residential yards.

“One residential property was found to have arsenic levels about 30 times our action level,” the release said.

But Department Deputy Director Gary Gill said he and other officials met with area residents and determined “that there has been no significant exposure.”

The affected areas will be “cleaned up and contained,” Gill said.

“Property owners have been notified to limit contact with exposed soils,” the department said.

The ditch area with high arsenic levels  “is securely fenced and Keep Out signs have been posted. The current risk is low because the soils in the affected residential yard are covered with grass or clean soil, and the ditch area is fenced and clearly marked to restrict access.”