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  1. in France, if someone is is found guilty of offending certain cultural groups,there is a fine of 6 months in prison and a 22,500 Euro fine. This is according to the French Hate Speech Law.But so far,any and all insults against Christians and Muslims,no matter how slamming,has ever invoked the Hate Speech Law in France. In other words,don't offend gays,lesbians,blacks,Jews,women,unions etc. in France or be in violation of Hate Speech Law.But go full speed against Muslims, or Christians,no problem. so this "attack' on Free Speech by "terrorists" is BS.

  2. Getting killed for drawing a cartoon is a bad precedent. It really doesn't matter which group or government is doing the shooting.

    • Seems Islam differences with other religions is resisting change.
      Pope Francis is changing Catholics, Mormons admit minorities now, Buddhists allow modern upbeat worship music.
      Islam's leaders, still the same theology as it began…turn or burn.

  3. Victim's widow: " I want the truth about the Charlie Hebdo attack! " (Veterans Today, posted by Kevin Barrett on May 24,2015)

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