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The results of Atomic Monkey’s Professor Boyd Photo Caption Contest are in.  Last week we posted a PhotoChop treatment of the good doctor being confronted by reporters outstide his…”establishment.”  We left the quote bubble blank and encouraged our readers to chime in. Needless to say, our readers pounced. Here’s some of the contributions:

First Prize: Roosevelt Freeman (Note: The Italian Captain's guest on the bridge of the ill-fated cruise ship was a 21 year-old Moldovian dancer), Second Prize: Haleiwa Joe, Third Prize: Droidmaster.

We also would like to share some of the “Honorable Mentions.”  In fact, we may stop writing captions for our cartoons altogether because this is a lot easier, and way more fun for us.

Honorable Mentions: Laurie Minick, Roosevelt Freeman (he was working it), and Richard Gozinya.

Thanks to all our participants…keep Monkeying around.

Actual Moldovian Blonde.





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