Barrack Hussein Needs to Feel Our Pain

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BY HOWARD CHONG JR. –“We hope to empower entrepreneurs with the tools to transform their aspirations, hard work, and good ideas into profitable businesses that create jobs” – Bill Clinton, former President of the United States.

Right on, Bill, you finally got it.  It is what made America great and will continue to keep America great!  I read on to find that you were talking about the people of Haiti. Perhaps you would care to share this thought with your colleague who current occupies your former residence, the White House.  He apparently does not happen to share your view on this subject as it pertains to the home boyz.


Us “Homies” could use a little empowerment too – right here – right now.  Barrack Hussein needs to feel our pain.

Submitted by Howard Chong, Jr., a Honolulu resident