Be Ready to Move Quick on the Good Real Estate Deals in Hawaii

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BY RANDY BRUMMETT RA – In this rather slow housing market, it seems we have all the time in the world to decide whether or not we want to make an offer on a house.

Only after we find the “one” do we start the boring and tedious task of gathering all our financial paperwork together to get approved for a loan, and that’s only after having already called several lending institutions and weeding out the ones that are not a fit.

It might be two or three weeks after you have seen the property that you are ready to make your offer. In this market, odds are the property will still be available for you. This is not always the case though, if the property is a good deal.


Home in Omao

This REO home (MLS# 245270) near Koloa had multiple offers within 10 days!

But what about the really good deals, the bank-owned homes that are priced right, or the motivated sellers who need to sell their home right away and have priced their home appropriately? I have seen these houses receive offers very fast.

So, if you are getting really serious about buying a home and are looking for that special property that is priced at or below its perceived market value, this is what I recommend: be ready.

If you are thinking about buying, why not talk to several lenders right now?

Get a feel for who can serve your needs the best. Have them write you a pre-approval letter. Have all your documentation and proof of funds ready to go. What will you need? That all depends on you and what type of property you are making an offer on.

Click here to read some useful information about applying for a home loan and some of the required documents you will need. Please contact me if you are looking to buy, or wanting to sell here on Kauai.

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