Be There or Be … Over Taxed Hawaii

Tax Tsunami
Hawaii tax tsunami, the unnatural disaster
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Tax Tsunami
Hawaii tax tsunami, the unnatural disaster

With looming threats of massive tax increases and continued wasteful spending by the Hawaii State Legislature, the Honolulu City Council, the Obama administration and the U.S. Congress, the Honolulu Tea Party and Overtaxed Hawaii invite YOU to come down to the State Capitol tomorrow to express your displeasure along with hundreds and hundreds of your fellow patriots on Oahu.

Please join us for the 3rd annual Tax Day Tea Party from 4pm to 7pm at the Hawaii State Capitol tomorrow — on the very day that Federal income taxes are due and while politicians are coming up with new ways to separate you from your hard-earned money..


Following the success of our tax protests these past two years, attended by an estimated 2,000 concerned taxpayers in 2009 and 2010, organizers promise that attendees of this year’s rally will participate in sending a powerful and timely message to state, county, and national lawmakers about issues ranging from the crushing cost of high taxation on Hawaii’s families and employers to strong opinions about government waste, public education and just about every issue that has people talking since the 2010 election.

Boldly staged right in front of the main entrance to the State Capitol, where lawmakers are inside considering a range of substantial tax increases on just about everything, this protest rally is one of the last opportunities to demonstrate the public’s concern for the already high cost of living in Hawaii before the legislative session ends two weeks from now.

Well that’s the whole story. Tomorrow is the big, big day to fight back. There truly is strength in numbers, so we hope to see you there!!