Bette Midler: Honolulu Rail a Bad Idea

Bette Midler
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HONOLULUTRAFFIC.COM – Local girl and show business phenomenon, Bette Midler, titled her letter in today’s Star Advertiser, “Rail would be blight on Hawaii’s beauty” and follows it with,

Bette Midler

I read with alarm the news that the state of Hawaii may go forward with a 20-mile elevated train. I have lived in New York City for many years, and can testify to the noise and ugliness these elevated trains bring to every community through which they pass.


“This project is 40 years too old. In the last 40 years, there have been many advances in public transportation and many new ideas about how to integrate need with environment. That this project is going to be so small, cost so much, and have such a terrible impact on the environment is dreadful.

Why does it have to be 20 feet in the air? There were trains in Hawaii in years past, and there were electric buses, too.

“The very idea that the state would sacrifice the most important amenity it has to offer the world, the beauty of its environment, is beyond belief.

“Bette Midler New York, N.Y.”

It would be great if more of Hawaii’s show business people would also stand up against the rail and join people like the Bette and Keith and Carmen Haugen.





  1. hey honolulu…allowing the rail in hawaii would be like erecting a giant wart on princess kalanianiole’s perfect ass ! what a a shame !

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