Bi-Partisan Cooperation Unlikely With This Legislature

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I am in support of Gov. Linda Lingle’s efforts in suggesting that the Hawaii State Legislature
and her administration work together in correcting some bills she intends to
veto, to make them effective and meaningful.

However, with the track record of this legislature, bipartisan cooperation
is unlikely.


Stonewalling and strong arming pass any feedback or criticisms
that the public has, and has become a staple of this legislature.
The legislature’s majority members enjoy flashing around the fact that they
can do whatever they want without any regards to whether it would be in the
best interests of the public.

Any override without revision would send a clear message to the
Governor that they can and will use brute power in ramming forward their
interests into law.

It would also send a clear and continuous message to
the people of Hawaii that it is the interests of the legislature’s majority
members that they serve, and not ours – the people who put them there in the
first place.

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