Big Island Rancher Larry Mehau’s Death Prematurely Reported

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”’KITV News”’ reported on its Sunday 10 p.m. broadcast that Big Island Rancher and prominent Democrat Party supporter Larry Mehau had died, but apparently that report is premature.

Under the headline “Breaking News”, ”’KITV News”’ Anchor Jill Kuramoto announced as its lead off story that Mehau was dead. Reporters interviewed by phone a person named “Kealoha Mehau” who said that the family is trying to cope with the news. ”’KITV News”’ showed video from interviews at Mehau’s Ranch in Waimea with his family. The station broadcast also showed footage from the notorious civil trial in which Mehau sued Honolulu city prosecutor aide Rick Reed for liable and invasion of privacy over Reed’s claim that Mehau was the “Godfather” of organized crime in Hawaii – a case Reed won.


But Mehau