Blue America PAC Endorses Stanley Chang’s Congressional Run

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HONOLULU– The Blue America Political Action Committee (PAC) announces their endorsement of Honolulu City Councilman Stanley Chang, a Democrat, in his bid to fill the vacant U.S. House of Representatives seat in Hawaii’s 1st Congressional district.

“Stanley Chang has fought for progressive values on the Honolulu City Council and has been consistent on important issues such as protecting our environment, creating good jobs that families can live on, marriage equality, and preventing gun violence,” said Howie Klein, co-founder of Blue America PAC. “We need an independent-minded progressive to represent the voters of Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District, and Blue America will work hard to support Stanley Chang. In the past we’ve helped elect dedicated leaders like Alan Grayson, Donna Edwards, Elizabeth Warren, Mazie Hirono, and Keith Ellison, and we feel Stanley fits right in with these exemplary tribunes of working families.”


The Blue America PAC was founded in 2006 with the primary goal of helping Democratic candidates get elected while standing up for true progressive values.  Blue America helps candidates overcome financial disadvantages faced when running against conservatives.  Candidates backed by the PAC have shown impressive results over the past eight years, and the PAC’s efforts have demonstrated that Democrats can win consistently by supporting working families.  Blue America is comprised of three national blogs that work together to keep the PAC running strong: Crooks and Liars, Digby’s Hullabaloo, and Down with Tyranny.

“I am humbled to receive support from the members of Blue America’s Political Action Committee,” said Chang.  “This is an important step in our efforts to share our progressive message with the community during a time when Hawaii and America need a strong advocate in Congress for raising the minimum wage, equalizing the work field and giving women equal pay for equal work, and extending unemployment insurance to millions affected locally and across the nation.  I am honored to receive Blue America’s vote of confidence.”

Stanley Chang is a lifelong resident of the first congressional district of Hawaii. He currently serves on the Honolulu City Council representing District 4, which encompasses Hawaii Kai to Ala Moana. He serves on the boards of the National Association of Counties, the Hawaii State Association of Counties, the Waikiki Business Improvement District Association, the Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution, the Kapiolani Park Trust, and the Government and Public Utility Task Force.


Submitted by Stanley Chang’s congressional campaign