Bob Marx Is Candidate for Hawaii 2nd Congressional District

Bob Marx is Candidate for Hawaii 2nd Congressional District; He's a Democrat who lives in Hilo
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Bob Marx is Candidate for Hawaii 2nd Congressional District; He's a Democrat who lives in Hilo

HILO, HAWAII – One of East Hawaii’s premier attorneys and middle class advocate, Bob Marx, has announced his candidacy for Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional district.

“Preserving the Middle Class” is the bedrock for his platform, along with protecting senior citizens, ending dependence on foreign oil and getting the U.S. out of the war in Afghanistan.


For more than a quarter century, Bob Marx has protected the interests of the Middle Class and the interests of the people of Hawaii.  He has practiced law in Hilo since 1980 and has been a staunch supporter of the Democratic Party.

He has a long history of working for Hawaii, and has been involved in building foundations to support local community organizations, awarding scholarships to college students, and protecting Hawaii’s unique environment.

“I have spent my life fighting for the middle class and for the people of the Big Island,” Marx said.  “I not only live in the Second Congressional District, but understand how rural Oahu and the Neighbor Islands feel disenfranchised.”

“I have the experience, history, and the determination to put Hawaii first as your Congressman.  This next Congressional session is going to be about jobs and the economy,” Marx said.

“I am a successful businessman and community supporter. Now is the time to help my community in Washington, D.C.  I humbly ask for your support to serve you and in putting Hawaii first.”

Marx believes the time for abstract debates over national issues is over.  “We need to stop bringing the problems of Washington to Hawaii.  Hawaii needs to be protected against the negligence of politics.  I stand ready to project the will and voice of the people of Hawaii,” he added.

“Most importantly, I will make sure that Hawaii is always first.”

Submitted by Bob Marx’s campaign