Boston Suspects Likely Planned More Attacks

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Sarah Orr (L) hugs her sister Heather (R) at a memorial to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings near the scene of the blasts on Boylston Street in Boston, Massachusetts, Apr. 21, 2013.

By Michael Bowman – The surviving suspect in last week’s Boston marathon bombing remains hospitalized and unable to speak.  A law enforcement official says other attacks might have been carried out had Dzhokhar Tsarnaev not been apprehended and his brother Tamerlan not been killed.

Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis says the suspects had weapons and explosive devices, and likely were planning attacks beyond the marathon bombing.
“We have reason to believe, based upon the evidence found at that scene – the ordinance that was unexploded and the firepower that they had – that they were going to attack other individuals,” he said.
Davis spoke on the CBS television program Face the Nation.  He gave an update on Tsarnaev’s condition.
“He is in serious, but stable condition.  And we have not been able to interrogate him at this point in time.  There is a special FBI interview team that is coming up to talk to him,” he said.
The police commissioner said many questions remain unanswered, including the motive for the attack.  Some Republican lawmakers have suggested Tsarnaev be tried as an enemy combatant. But not the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Mike Rogers.
“He [Tsarnaev] is a citizen of the United States.  I think that brings all the protections of the U.S. Constitution,” he said.
But appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press program, Rogers argued that interrogators delay advising the suspect of his constitutional right to remain silent and be afforded legal counsel to make it easier to collect information vital to public safety.
“I do believe that the FBI has a period of time to try to determine what threats there are today.  We do not know if there are other [explosive] devices.  We do not know if there are other people,” he said.
Also appearing on CBS, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick said Bostonians are returning to their usual routines.  He said it is vital that events like the Boston marathon go forward and that Americans not succumb to fear.





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