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Andrew Breitbart
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Andrew Breitbart

BY FRANK SALVATO – I was, yet again, set to write about the reprehensible behavior of the Republican presidential candidates and their enabling by the Republican National Committee when news broke of the passing of Conservative new media publisher and advocate, Andrew Breitbart. To be certain, the loss of Mr. Breitbart, at the incredibly young age of 43, is not only a loss for the Conservative political community, it is a tragedy for his family – his wife and four young children, and for the cause of preserving our country for the next generation.

In the interest of transparency, I am honored and privileged to be a contributing writer to, Mr. Breitbart’s signature publication. He and his managing editors – Michael Flynn (EiC) and Alexander Marlow – have facilitated the showcasing of many important stories as well as a litany of fact-based introspect into the ever-expanding list of issues facing our country. From,,, to and, Andrew Breitbart provided the citizenry with publications through which they could glean facts, information and perspective, and he provided a potent platform for writer/editors like me, by which we might be able to share our knowledge, research and thoughts about the many issues of the day.


I could chronicle the many stories that Mr. Breitbart’s publications have broken – the corruption of ACORN, the sexploits of Anthony Weiner and the many quasi-criminal actions of labor union operatives, among them. But it is more important – and more appropriate – to expound on why people like Mr. Breitbart are moved to do what they do; are moved to do what he did so well.

Put succinctly, Mr. Brietbart – as well as the rest of us who toil in the ideological trenches – despised bullies, cheats, liars and disingenuous opportunists. And instead of doing what an overwhelming number of Americans do, sadly – complain about it and little else, he decided to put his money, his reputation and, to a great extent, his life on the line to do something about it. He decided to stand-up. He chose to act.

Andrew Breitbart, a leader among the few real and honest new media outlets published today, decided to “take the heat” as he pointed fingers at the disingenuous, opportunistic politicians who prey on the emotions of voters; political charlatans who manipulated the uninformed out of their votes. He decided to brave the far-reaching and potent castigation of very powerful political entities, i.e. the Soros-Progressive Left political smear machine and the many off-shoots gaming the public; presenting as “community organizers” and the champions of the “less than fortunate. He dedicated himself to the pursuit of the truth; in an effort to shine a spotlight on the cretinous among us who exploit the vulnerable just to advance an ideological agenda. And Mr. Breitbart was courageous enough to call his own brethren out when they transgressed ethical boundaries or caved to the allure of opportunism and/or narcissism.

In doing all of these things; in being brave enough to endure the slings and arrows of the mainstream media, the powerful politicos and the shadowy figures who support them – both financially and sometimes with “muscle,” he became someone less than revered by the powerful and someone respected and admired; someone trusted, by the rank-and-file.

Many of us have been doing this advocacy – advocacy for Americanism, for honesty and truth, for liberty and freedom – perhaps as long or longer than Mr, Breitbart did publicly; no doubt his passion was burned into his soul from his very genesis. I, myself, have been an advocate for transparency, honesty, accountability and an adherence to the principles of the Charters of Freedom in our government – and in our society – since my late teenage years. With a knowledge that only such an experience can afford – and without ever having had the pleasure or the honor of shaking Mr. Breitbart’s hand, I can say, without reservation, that in Andrew Breitbart the citizens of the United States had someone who, although relentless in his pursuit of honesty and the truth, possessed a sense of humility, compassion and humanity, for only someone you cares can actually give a damn.

Andrew Breitbart gave a damn.

Earlier this week, during an interview with Bill Hemmer on FOX News Channel, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said of the scourge of negative campaigning and attacks ads being foisted onto the American public – and, in particular the Republican rank-and-file,

“I think winning counts…and I don’t think winning, ah, you know, and if candidates are winning,  it doesn’t really matter what the process is, if you keep winning, ah, you know, you’re going to be the nominee. So winning counts…”

This statement made my eyes bleed:

“It doesn’t matter what the process is…”

It doesn’t, Mr. Priebus? It doesn’t matter what the process is? By that standard ACORN’s tactics were legitimate. By that standard the Soros-Progressive Left Machine is vindicated. By that standard the big money smear tactics of the Chicago political machine of Axelrod, Plouffe & Jarrett is justifiable.

Normally, I would be curious to hear what Andrew Breitbart had to say about something as ridiculous as Mr. Priebus’s statement. Alas, today that opportunity has passed…for all time.

To the Breitbart family, to his friends and co-workers, I extend my most sincere condolences. The world – our country – has lost a true son of liberty.

R.I.P., Andrew Breitbart.





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