Brewpub Now limited to 10,000 Barrels of Production a Year, but the Ceiling Should Be Lifted

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I am in support of SB 2545 as it supports local businesses. In particular the current rules limit the annual production of a brewpub licensee. As brewing is a rapidly growing and vibrant business here in Hawaii we must support this legislation in order to allow the rules to grow with business.

Currently a brewpub is limited to 10,000 barrels of production in a given year. We are fortunate as a State that brewing has been successful to the point that we must raise the limit. In today’s economy we must nurture businesses that are contributing to our growth and not stifle them.


These businesses contribute a significant amount of taxes to the State as well as supply many jobs to our kama’aina.

I urge our lawmakers to pass SB 2545 in support of growing and diversifying our economy in Hawaii.