Brian Schatz: Best Choice for Lt. Governor of Hawaii

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Kauai and our State as a whole face some very challenging times ahead. Times like these call for bold, smart and caring leadership. And there is a need to blend new talent and energy into government to be successful.

That is why we support Brian Schatz for Lieutenant Governor.


We know Brian. He is a remarkable problem-solver at a time when Hawaii needs one. He understands the growing frustration many of us feel – the lack of jobs, the faltering economy, and a government that desperately needs transformation and leadership. He also projects hope and knows the value of hard work.

In leading Hawaii’s Obama for President Campaign and as the Chair of the Democratic Party, he worked with people across the State on the priority of creating and keeping jobs during these hard times. As a legislator for eight years and Chair of the House Economic Development Committee, he made investment in public infrastructure especially the schools; promoted high tech industries bringing in high pay jobs; and was a major advocate for renewable energy.

As the Executive Director of Helping Hands Hawaii, Brian led the social service organization through difficult times, and today it has emerged stronger than ever. And as a father of two small children, he understands how hard families are working to make it and how concerned we all are that our children will have the option of finding good jobs in the islands as they grow up.

At a time when many of us are asking ourselves who is ready to step up to the plate, Brian offers a new generation of leadership with roots in Hawaii and a lifetime commitment to its betterment.

Brian will be reaching out to you in the days ahead. And we are asking you to consider supporting Brian as our next Lieutenant Governor. He will be good for Kauai and the State as a whole.

‘Barbara “Bobbie” Franklin, Ezra Kanoho, Sandra Wright and Steven Nishimura authored this letter’